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Anodyne (Analgesic Productions )

Anodyne is an adventure game where you explore and fight your way through nature, urban, and abstract influenced landscapes and dungeons set in the dream world of the human Young, in order to uncover the roots of the manifestation of Young's dreams.

Anodyne explores the combination of 16-bit artistic and musical aesthetics with gameplay influenced by games such as Link's Awakening and Yume Nikki.

Anodyne is created by Sean Hogan (@seagaia2) (code, music) and Jon Kittaka (@jonathankittaka) (art, writing). Anodyne is aiming for an early January 2013 release for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux distros that can run Adobe AIR 2.6, via Desura, GamersGate and hopefully a few more.

Antibody (team Circle of Judgement )

Take control of a heroic antibody and engage waves of dangerous antigens.

Antibody is an intense arcade style shoot-em-up played entirely with the mouse. Movements can only be performed using a refilling boost gauge, requiring precision relocation to survive the escalating waves.

Apotheon (Alientrap )

Apotheon is a 2D platform action-rpg set on the rich stage of ancient Greek mythology.

To be released on Steam for Windows in 2013.

Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender (Tikipod Ltd )

Due to a sudden shortage of milk, cats around the world are forced to seek out new sources to get their fix.
You and your team of milk mining kittens have overcome a fear of water to drill down under the ocean seabed and begin extracting vast reserves of what seems to be naturally forming full-fat milk.

Get ready for fast paced submarine action, defending the kittens from disruptive mechanical sea creatures.

Aqua Kitty is a 2D pixel drawn arcade shooter, created with a love of the 16-bit gaming era and late 80s video arcade games.
The game includes such features as:

  • Fast paced horizontally scrolling looping underwater levels.

  • Branching map progression of levels.

  • Varying sea depths per level that subtly affect gameplay.

  • A dual firing submarine with a rechargeable secondary weapon that needs to be managed carefully (upgrades through game progress).

  • A variety of mechanical enemies to encounter each with differing behaviou...

Arcadecraft (Firebase Industries )

Arcadecraft is a realtime strategy Arcade economics simulator. Starting in January of 1980 the player is given the task to run a sustainable arcade for a decade. To accomplish this goal they have to purchase arcade games from the various fictional manufacturers and place them within their retail space so that they can earn money. The more money the machines make, the more games you can buy!

Arena Tactics (Psionic Games )

Arena Tactics is a unique online strategy RPG game for iOS devices. The game features 9 champions(more coming in updates) that you use to fight AI controlled opponents or other players online in teams of 3 or 4. Each champion has two specializations with 4 abilities and can be equipped with many different items to create hundreds of unique combinations.

Armada Online (Mark & Roger )

Armada Online is a multiplayer action rpg. You are the captain of a starship, fighting against biomechanical aliens known as the Armada. We built the game as an engine for smoothly transitioning between many different game types, that can be approached many different ways. Some areas play like a dota game, some areas play like multi tower defense, or open exploration. Each area gives players a distinct set of toys to play with. The players can be creative about how they want to collaborate or solve problems.

Army and Strategy: The Crusades (Pied Pipers Entertainment )

You are a ruler of a kingdom in the dark ages. In the midst of chaos caused by faith, are you prepared to lay down your life and build an empire for the glory of your god... or perhaps for yourself?

Army and Strategy: The Crusades is a game based on the conflicts between the Crusaders and Muslim during the Middle Ages. As a ruler of the dark era, you must expand your territory and create an empire to glorify either your faith or your honor.

As Slow As Possible (György Dudas )

As Slow As Possible (ASLAP) was inspired by a composition ("ASLSP") of notorious American composer John Cage. The original tempo instruction for the performing musicians was: as slow as possible. This videogame is investigating what "as slow as possible" could mean in the context of a videogame. How slow can a game become? One aspect of ASLAP (the videogame) and of ASLSP (the composition) is the perception of time and of the human time scale that goes from birth to death.

ASLAP starts slow, you need to "phase yourself in." It starts slow and gets slower and slower. And slower. Ad infinitum. Each player should decide for her/himself, how slow "as slow as possible" is.

Astlan (Astrofra )

*** Astlan is a gravity game for PC, iOS & Android ***

The gameplay is all about controlling a ship versus the inertia and gravity. The challenge of flying your way through the levels was made exciting and fun thanks to an innovative approach of physics.

The fuel that powers the ship is limited, and the energy of the ship will go down on each collision. Dealing with the fuel consumption and the ship's life condition, the player must fly through 24 levels, avoid walls & traps, collect some special items and then land properly.

Artistically speaking, the visuals are not meant to be ultra-realistic. A simple cartoonish color scheme was developed.
The game itself happens in a 2D play-field, and the visuals are all handled in 3D, offering a depth experience that make it more compelling but does not overwhelm the gameplay.

*** Astlan full devlog ***

A detailled development log of Astlan can be in the TigSource forums :

*** Astlan Facebo...

Astro Duel (Rusty Moyher )

Astro Duel is a competitive astroid-style four player space arena for iPad. Inspired from endless nights of Super Bomberman, rounds are quick and death is sudden.

Each player's ship is controlled wirelessly with an iPhone or iPod touch. Arm your ship with 7 different power ups including missiles, lasers and auto-turrets. Varied arenas bring a host of hiding places and hazards like death beams and black holes. Blow up your friends, rinse and repeat.

Astrobunny (DigiPen Team Awesome Moon Bunny )

Astrobunny is a space-themed 2D puzzle action adventure game.
Help Astrobunny go home by guiding the spaceship to perform orbital jumps. Beware of space hazards!

ATUM (Sassybot Studio / Team Cupcake )

ATUM is a game that pulls the player into a world where the player is the mechanic. It brings a novelty take on the point-and-click gameplay of previous generations and it combines it with 'platformer puzzles. The game plays with the concept of multi-layer gameplay, dipping its layers in mathematical loops and philosophical recurrences.

The design and the aesthetics are influenced by sci-fi classics like Blade Runner and Martian Time Slip by Philip K. Dick. There are many in-game references to our sources of inspiration that complement the underlying storyline, using the environment as a narrative device.
ATUM is currently being developed at NHTV IGAD, Breda, The Netherlands as part of the University's Gamelab.

"You Are Here, reads the legend on that map. Which one is you?
Does it matter? Your finger is a pointer on a screen."
?Gene Van Troyer

Audio Games: The Secret of the Talisman (IguanaBee )

Can you imagine a game without graphics?
Can you imagine a game that can be played even by a blind person?

Audio Games: The Secret of the Talisman is that and much, much more. Explore 3D environments, solve puzzles, unravel incredible stories and meet amazing new characters, all using only your sense of hearing!

Awesomenauts (Ronimo Games )

It's the year 3587, conflict spans the stars. Huge robot armies are locked in an enduring stalemate. In their bid for galactic conquest they call upon the most powerfull group of mercenaries in the universe: the Awesomenauts!
Join the fight as droid armies, space cowboys, gangsta rapping frogs, and giant robots vie for supremacy!
Awesomenauts brings team-based competetive arena play to a platforming perspective. Awesomenauts is available now on Steam, XBox LIVE Arcade, and Playstation Network.

Axiom Verge (Tom Happ )

Based on the notion that games are often as fun to "break" as they are to play, Axiom Verge is a 2D action/adventure in the style of classic 8- and 16-bit games - but uses the glitches commonly found in such games - map corruption, inventory scrambling, flicker, slowdown, AI bugs, and the like - as "features".

Think of all the things you've done in games that the designers didn't intend for you to do, but which you had a blast with nonetheless? Yeah, THOSE things.

You'll have to play to find out how many of them made their way into Axiom Verge.

B.A.S.A. (23Gen )

The Green Gellies' home is being devoured by a massive black hole! As a member of B.A.S.A., Black hole Annihilation Safety Agency, your mission is to save those Green Gellies!

- 20 different planets
- 120 missions for you to explore
- simple control, yet the missions are challenging

Backspace (Megabot )

Your friends all disappear after finding some mysterious software online. You logon and discover a hidden, super network... that you can't leave.

Backspace is an arcade adventure set in a virtual world filled with action, exploration, and plenty of secrets!

Key features:
- Use detachable pods to blast through walls and devastate a rich variety of enemies.
- Carry a mixture of cargo to solve puzzles and powerups for compound combat effects.
- Explore a spherical environment, using teleports to move between multiple layers.

Can you unlock the secret of the network and save your friends from mortal danger?

Bad Hotel (Lucky Frame )

Bad Hotel is an insane hybrid of a tower defense game and a procedural music toy, with beautiful art and tons of bullets. You are a budding entrepreneur, whose hotel is rather unfortunately located within the territory of Tarnation Tadstock, the Texas Tyrant. Your only defense against Tadstock's army of seagulls, rats, yetis, and more is to build your hotel as quickly and intelligently as possible, using an array of increasingly sophisticated weapons. The beautiful artwork, quirky storyline, and frantic gameplay all work seamlessly together with a generative music system, which creates original music depending on the player's actions and decisions. The player becomes a composer, creating complex musical structures to defend their hotel. A vast variety of music can be generated, from delicate beach chillout to country banjo techno.

Bag It! (Hidden Variable Studios )

Bag It! - guaranteed to become your new favorite grocery packing mobile game! Heavy, sturdy items on the bottom, light and fragile items on the top ? seems simple, right? Think again! Add to it a cast of 10 unique grocery characters, each with their own personalities and relationships that earn you bonuses in-game, and Bag It! will open your eyes to a whole new world inside your shopping bag!

As if packing the perfect bag weren't enough of a challenge, Bag It! also includes a host of different modes that will have you looking at your bag in a whole new way! More of a "breaker" than a "saver"? Then the catharsis of RAMPAGE is for you! Prefer the challenge of fitting the final perfect piece without breaking a single item? Then PUZZLE mode awaits! Leaderboards and ENDLESS modes tickle your fancy? Try your hand at ULTIMATE BAGGER, ENDLESS RAMPAGE, or the deadly berserk scanning laser in POWER SURGE! What's that? Pirates ships, hoards of gold and sea monsters are more your style? Then tak...

Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites (ClickShake Games LLC )

Funny and outlandish, hand-drawn, cartoon point and click adventure game for PC. Join Reemus the insect exterminator and his companion and minstrel Liam the purple bear as they travel to exotic locations, battle giant insects and bumble their way towards writing a ballad of their adventures that will finally impress the citizens of Fredricus once and for all!

Ballads is based on the world and characters of the web game series The Several Journeys of Reemus and tells a completely new story. Featuring fully animated cutscenes, 36 completely voice-acted characters, beautifully hand-drawn environments to explore and optional side quests with in-game achievements.

BaraBariBall (Strange Flavor )

BaraBariBall is a competitive sports game for two or four players. Score by dunking the ball in the water on the opposing team's side, lose a point for falling into the water yourself.

With an emphasis on aerial acrobatics, split-second decision-making and mind-games, BBB has been described as "that perfect mix of pixel elegance and stellar fluid motion, like watching basketball through mosaic sunglasses". (Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet)

Beach Whale (Dingle LLC )

Play as a whale today! Experience the life of a Beluga, Humpback, Orca, Blue Whale, Whale Shark, or Fat Dolphin in the action-oriented 2D adventure game, Beach Whale.

Control your whale using the tilting your device, surfing waves and riding the tide into the beach to collect fish and other treasures. But be careful, get stuck on the beach without a tide an you might become a beached whale. Explore four different worlds, collecting fish, unlocking new whales, and upgrading your whales to become faster, tougher, and more powerful. Battle against four different powerful bosses and reap the benefits of victory. Play in any of the four game modes, unlocking accessories for your whales and showing off your trophies to your friends.

Beach Whale features detailed graphics, mesmerizing particle effects, silly humor, powerful sound effects, and action packed old school gameplay that both kids and adults will love alike. The game all whale-loving gamers have been waiting for has finally arri...

Beat Hazard Ultra (Cold Beam Games Ltd )

Experience your music collection like never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter. Each of your songs will have its own unique ebb and flow based on the music.

Power up your spaceship and watch as the music boosts your firepower. Unleash hell on the enemy ships when you max out with weapon pickups!

Beat Hazard seamlessly mixes the love of gaming and music. Together they become greater than the sum of their parts.

Beat Territory (Charkrid Pornpitackchaikul )

A Dual Joystick shooter game. Which each bullet is a instrument and you are a sequencer. In short you make music while you shooting bullets. And also your enemies. In this demo you fight against House of Techno, Your character is from House of progressive. You can tell from the sound he shooting. And get their Sound samples. To future use as your weapon.

**This demo still in a Prototype stage.**

beem (light engine )

beem is a puzzle game based around directing a beam of light through targets and around obstacles to power a mysterious machine called the light engine. reflect, filter, and split light with your toolbox of mirrors, prisms, and crystal shards.

inside the light engine, a beam of light follows the laws of optical physics. reflect light at arbitrary angles! refract light into its component colors - and bring them back together! use light energy to power mechanical components to get parts moving again.

a strange creature called the gremlin will be your guide (and best friend forever). he's a little crazy from wandering the subterranean for such a long time, but at least he is more amusing than tragic.

Bezircle (Ludomotion )

Bezircle is a lively single button party-game, where tactical skills will make a difference. Conquer most orbs by 'Bezircling' them before time runs out. Special orbs will boost your performance, triple your score, or unleash their devastating powers on their neighbors. Play as one of four unique characters in one of sixteen special arenas. But keep a close eye on your opponents: before you know, somebody else will steal away your victory!

Bezircle is a highly original game design that was first released during the Global Game Jam in 2012. It features skillful, multiplayer gameplay with a single button control-scheme, and offers a condensed strategic experience in levels that last only two minutes. The basic game mechanics are accessible and elegant, yet simple variations create depth of play that will take some time to master. All the art assets in the game are hand painted and lovingly animated. The game's visual style and attention for detail sets it apart from most games built fo...

Bientôt l'été (Tale of Tales )

There's a man on a beach. The beach is empty. Empty as his heart. A heart alone, abandoned love. Love was left. Left in the warmth. The warmth of her digital breath. Her breath as neon glow. Glow as the sun. The sun sleeping in pillows. The pillows of clouds. The clouds form a bed. A bed for my soul. A soul that is restless. Restless like the gulls. The gulls on the beach. The beach in my heart. My heart pushes waves. Waves of blood through my veins. Veins pulled by the moon. The moon, cold heart of the galaxy. The galaxy at the end of the boardwalk. The boardwalk she used to walk on. Walking slowly, an old woman. A woman, alone, a woman studying love as a scientist. A scientist experimenting. Experimenting in the laboratory of her heart. Her heart, an ocean, waves of life. Life is cherished in the harshness of space. Space embraces us, crushes us with its hollow breath. Breath of a lover. A lover at the table. The table with the chess board. A board receives your move. Move me with yo...

Big Huggin - An Affection Game (Critical Gameplay - Lindsay Grace )

Why so serious? Big Huggin' is a platform scroller played with a custom 30 inch teddy bear as controller. Players complete the game by providing several well-timed hugs to their bear. Hug the bear to help him pass life's obstacles - no boulder is too tall, no hole too deep, no winter too cold for a hug to help. It is an experiment and gesture in alternative critical interface. Instead of firing toy guns at countless enemies or revving the engines of gas guzzling virtual cars, why not give a hug? Why not play differently?

Big Huggin' is the 9th game in the Critical Gameplay collection. Critical Gameplay is a single developer/designer collection designed to help reevaluate the way we play. They are meant to change our perspective on gameplay experiences. As Critical Cartography changes the way we perceive the world, Critical Gameplay seeks to offer alternate perspectives on the way we play. Big Huggin' has been shown in Baltimore, East Lansing, Philadelphia, Paris and others. The rest o...

bit Dungeon (Kinto Games )

You and your wife were captured by demons! You have been trapped in a dungeon,asleep for a thousand years. You wake up trapped in a cell, grab your weapon and let the quest to find your wife begin!

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