2007 IGF Student Showcase Entrants
AfterGlow Simon Fraser University Surrey
AfterGlow is a game of memory, accuracy and heartracing action! The lovechild of Simon, Twister and Whack-A-Mole
Age of Rust: Gremlin Guildhall at SMU
Take the role of Sparks, the sole survivor in the Age of Rust: Sidhe chapter and wreak on the fairie's home turf with a prototypical weapon designed to use their powers against them.
Age of Rust: Sidhe Guildhall at SMU
Put on the wings of the fairy warrior Jyul as she faces a Gremlin-filled factory threatening her forest home. Test your flying skills against deadly gears, shoddy wiring, and mischievous Gremlins while you see explore the world from a fairy-sized point of view.
and yet it moves TU Wien
jump, run and rotate!
Barrel Rapids DigiPen Institute of Technology
Barrel Rapids is a fast-paced battle game where players race in barrels down white water rapids competing for the great golden nugget. Along the way the wacky racers receive power-ups and weapons to hinder the progress of their five cut-throat opponents.
Base Invaders DigiPen Institute of Technology
Base Invaders is a cartoony action-oriented strategy game that pits the crafty, trap-utilizing player against hordes of dim-witted invaders bent on destroying his Tower.Players grab and toss invaders, utilize over a dozen physics-based traps, and complete missions while fighting a colorful cast of aggressive invaders.
Bashy Bashy: Bully from Earth Nanyang Polytechnic
Todd is responsible for a disaster so big, his people exile him from Earth. His space pod crash-landed onto an unidentified planet. The natives are not happy seeing Todd in their territory. Can you, as Todd fight your way through and get back home?
Best Guess Kung Fu Guildhall at SMU
Lobot is a fast paced 2D side scroller that features a comedic storyline and wide open explorable levels. The game includes a wide variety of jumping puzzles, enemies and forms of attack for the player to utitlize in their quest to wreck revenge upon the evil Spiff Co.
Bob the Unlikely Guildhall at SMU
Bob the Unlikely is a 2D side scrolling action/platform game that entertains the player with its comedic storyline, sounds, and characters. At the end of each level, Bob gains a new power that adds to the entertaining gameplay and provides a new and interesting feel to each environment.
Cataclysm Monash University
Cataclysm is a 3D action/puzzle game in which your goal is to create the biggest explosions possible, by combining radioactive isotopes into reactions and making them as strong as possible before they reach critical mass and detonate!
At the crossroad of traditional and modern tactical games, Color Warz plonge gamers in an original and attractive universe. Each player leads a team composed of a Leader and 4 robots armed with painting guns. A bot without painting doesn’t die but switch off and, then, it can be switch on again by any team. The red, blue and yellow Leaderz confront themselves for the victory of their color.
Commandos Missions From Hell Stamford High
Build up your armies and locate your enemy and destroy them.
Conquest3D Imperial College London
Conquest3D is an electronic version of Denys Fisher's board game "Conquest - The Strategy Game Of Dice". It is a fully 3D game played by two either locally or over a network. Each player takes command of nine dice in a battle of strategic thought and imagination.
Dead Ocean Oregon Institute of Technology
Dead Ocean is a frantic 2D side scrolling pirate adventure. Players take the role of a pirate captain who will stop at nothing to get home, even traveling between the worlds of living and the dead.
Death River Adventure Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
A flood has destroyed your village and has swept away all its inhabitants. It's your task to rescue the townsfolk with your makeshift raft before they go over the edge of the waterfall.
Desire The Game Academy
This game focuses on the fight between the priests of rezio Maria the exorcist army endowed with God's power, and the devils who desire to live on the earth. Our team wanted the player to take time to think once more about the meaning of good and evil. The objective of this game is to exorcise the devils coming out from the pathway between Hell and the human world and to seal the gate, the pathway.
DOLL is a survivor horror game, taking place in a gloomy prison. A little girl needs your help to guide her, and overcome her own fears. You are evolving in the horrible nightmare of a young woman that was sentenced to death for the murder of her child. Will you recover her memories?
Dungeon of Glory Full Sail Real World Education
Explore the Dungeon of Glory. Survive endless hordes of monsters and amass power unparalleled. Choose your class and skills. Acquire items as you roam through the dungeon walls. Use Primer attacks to build up Momentum for devastating Finishers. Experience fast-paced, uninterrupted game play as you explore the dungeon.
Dungeon Revival Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
Dungeon Revival is our first OpenGL 3D game and a testament to the effort and dedication put in by us despite being freshly graduated from secondary school and having a tight schedule.
Eduardo the Samurai Toaster Colorado State University
Jump and fight your way through diverse worlds in this action platformer. Toast your enemies and shoot them out as a variety of different projectile attacks or battle them with your pole fighter skills. The only goal is to reach the end of the level.
Euclidean Crisis Stanford University
Euclidean Crisis is a multiplayer real-time strategy game played using a touchscreen stylus and voice commands. Shapes and colors vie for supremacy in a retro-styled, cyberspace world. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's energy core while protecting your own. Units are controlled by drawing flight paths and command gestures.
Ex Machina Full Sail Real World Education
Ex Machina is a humorous 3D adventure/puzzle-solver game. You control Billy, a computer virus, as he attempts to control the space station Rho and destroy the Earth. Possess a number of computerized, robotic objects, each with their own special abilities, in order to progress and reach the station's core.
Expérience ENJMIN
It's an original creation, understandable in 5 minutes without guidebook. It's an exploration and adventure game. To play, players have to use keyboard to move and mouse to look around. Mouse is usefull to take objects, and interact with environment. Contrary to other FPS games, players don't have to shoot NPCs... There are some enigmas, which help players to find You just waked up in the middle of nowhere, and you have to discover what is going on.
ExplosionTrain Game Academy
On the ‘Cow Planet’, there was a very rich grandfather who had three grandchildren who did not get along with each other. One day the grandfather said to his grandchildren that he left a large fortune in the ‘DC Wealth-Castle’. After finding out about the fortune, the three siblings compete in order to reach the ‘DC Wealth-castle’ earlier than their brother or sister and to possess the fortune for themselves
Fate Game Academy
The player is a little flying fairy in this game and can freely adventure every inch of the map. It is one of the characteristics of this game that you can play a fairy and indirectly control an automatically controlled NPC, which is controlled by A.I and various movement patterns. The player can also see the movement that only a fairy shows. These are the main characteristics that are different from other games.
Fibonacci Texas A&M University
Imagine having a dream where you are trapped in a large room and an increasing number of rabbits are appearing. They want your blood. Now imagine having a full arsenal of devastating weapons at your disposal. A little girl, her teddy bear, some large guns, and lots of dead rabbits...
Finders Keepers Guildhall at SMU
Finders Keepers” is a 2D adventure puzzle game. The player takes on the character of Alexander, a treasure hunter and adventurer whose goal is to survive the hazards of the ancient city of El Dorado while solving puzzles to advance and claim its greatest treasure as his own.
Fire and Forget Georgia Institute of Technology
Malicious invaders are covering your peaceful world with their bad mojo! Blast enemies in a rhythmic cosmic dogfight while commanding a bomber fleet circumnavigating the planet below to save your home world. A hybrid of 2D shooter and rhythm game, Fire and Forget is a thematic adaptation of a song by the central Florida's finest band, the Most.
Flux Algoma University College
In Flux, you charge and build a network of power nodes through clickless gestures. As network power increases, so does the threat of the energy dispersing through the network, called “the flux”, who's pace is based on music from your library. You must balance the flux while growing the network.
Freedom Brothers RMIT University
A UT2004 Mod. Coop fps with rpg elements. A 3 level storyline campaign mode is the main method of play although Deathmatch is also available. For further details:
Freshman: 1286 Colorado State University
A game designed to help freshman find there way around campus. For some reason you and the entire campus have been sucked back to the year 1286. To restore things to order you must find the 10 letters of Penley (our president), while avoiding the dangerous goats. A large portion of the campus has been recreated in the game.
Gel Rochester Institute of Technology
Gel must save his homeworld from the evil Roxors. But Gel is not alone in his quest, he has two allies, Lek and Splek to aid him. As well as the unique ability to absorb powers from whatever he touches.
Gelatin Joe DigiPen Institute of Technology
A 2D platformer in which the player controls a blob of gelatin on his quest to save the world from desaturation. Joe will have to use his brains and blobs in order to solve puzzles and progress through levels to defeat the evil Billy Bob the Bionic Blob.
Good Night Elysium Interactive Media Division, USC School of Cinematic Arts
A man run down by his working grind life finds refuge in Elysium, a garden world of shared dreams. Players follow his journey, cultivating fantastic flora and creatures and battling infectious nightmares. Led by a mysterious guide, players unravel Elysium's history and attempt to construct a way to dream forever.
Helium Boy University of Skövde
Helium Boy brings console style 3D platform gaming to the PC with a unique type of controls, cute graphics and simple and fun gameplay mechanics.
Henrii's Quest Ventura College
You are Henrii Walker. You have been cursed by an ethereal being Ganthes that will consume your soul as a part of an unbinding ritual to escape from The Realm of the Forsaken. You have until the eve of the 6th day from this day to slay this tormentor. Explorer unknown lands, combat bizarre creatures, locate powerful artifacts and discover the lost location of the Ethereal Passage to the Realm of the Forsaken or suffer your fate!
Hexcentric DigiPen Institute of Technology
The game Hexcentric takes place on a playing field made up entirely of hexagon shaped segments. Game pieces consist of hexagons with colored triangular segments. The player tries to place pieces onto the board so that they touch each other with like-colored segments. By doing this, the player can create chains of pieces. When a piece is placed that connects to the end of the chain and the beginning of the chain, the chain creates a loop and is removed from the board. The player looses when there is no longer a empty spot on the board to place a new piece.
Into the tale : Dream Fall The Game Academy
'into the tale: Dream fall' is the online PC game. It is based on a story that a boy slips into a storybook and in order to return to his real world the boy has to remove the curse upon the cold continent in which the origin of the life had been frozen. We focused on the exciting progress of unique characters and a sensuous story, making players to think once more about the meaning of life in the game.
Invalid Tangram Guildhall at SMU
Invalid Tangram takes the fast-paced arcade action of a 2D verticle shooter, adds in a falling block puzzle game twist, and presents it in a stylized look. The result is a genre bending experience where frantic action and puzzle solving unite in a battle for the high-score list.
iSO USC School of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media MFA
"Why?" asked a child in a departing spaceship leaving deserted mother earth . "Didn't she give us all what we are?" Now, after several hundred years from the moment an ancient ecologist claimed that human races are equivalent to a cancer for the planet earth, nobody seems to think he was crazy any more. iSO. it¡¯s coming to save planets of our universe.
Kabuki ISART Digital
Our game is inspired from Kabuki’s Theater to offer the player to take part in a unique swordfight. Collecting resources along the game, the player can upgrade his speed, accuracy, strength and stamina to unleash special attacks and summon powerful avatars. The stage itself, third actor in constant evolution, follows the soundtrack and can both lead to domination or trap a reckless fighter.
Kannonwagens DigiPen Institute of Technology
Kannonwagens is a 3D, cel-shaded tank game filled with run-and-gun action. Use combinations of the three weapons to punish your opponents in the single-player levels or on a LAN with your friends!
Kleptocracy DigiPen Institute of Technology
"Kleptocracy!" is a cartoony, fast-paced action extravaganza! In "Kleptocracy!" you play as a thief involved in a competition with his peers to determine who the best thief in town is. A tournament has been arranged for the thieves to all enter the local acclaimed museum and obtain as many items as possible within the time limit. They will have to evade the many patrolling guards as well as the intricate security system. Luckily they're armed with several gadgets to help. "Kleptocracy!" was developed by a team of three programmers and four artists from DigiPen Institute of Technology over the course of eight months.
Last Stand DigiPen Institute of Technology
Last Stand is a hybrid first person shooter and real time strategy game. You play the part of a lone space marine on the surface of barren enemy planets who must build and defend a base from swarms of oncoming aliens. The hatch leading down to the civilian colony must be defended at all costs! Use personal weaponry and strategic base building to combat the four alien types, each with unique A.I. Gather resources from defeated enemies to research new technologies and build structures. This fresh spin on the RTS and FPS genres places the player directly in the action, making Last Stand a unique and engaging experience.
Lily And The Giant ENJMIN (Graduate School of Game and Interactive Media)
In Lily And The Giant you control Lily, a young girl who's mission is to help a giant to cross her village. With the help of her umbrella she will have to remove all the obstacles on his way.
Mad / 8 Instituto tecnologico de estudios superiores de occidente
“Mad/8” is an action game where is told the history at the same time that youre playing. You run through different levels each one commanded by a relative with some madness, where your evil father is the one who is manipulating them.
Marble Quest Guildhall at SMU
Marble Quest features the exploits of a young boy whom ventures into the Land of Lost Laundry to retrieve his treasured marble set, lost in the wash the night before. The game’s surreal atmosphere and playful story will set the game apart from other action/ platform games of the genre.
Mathmatron Guildhall at SMU
Mathmatron is a top down 2D space shooter that is designed to teach basic math skills in a fun and exciting way. The player is presented with a math problem and then has to find the enemy ship with the correct solution and destroy it.
Mathris Colorado State University
A tetris clone with a twist. As the piece comes down you must solve simple math problems. If you don't your controls lock up. Standard play is available as well.
Messenger of the Gods: Battle for Mt. Olympus Guildhall at SMU
Messenger of the Gods is a 2D platformer set in a world where the Gods from ancient Greek mythology rule the Earth. Players step into the winged sandals of Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, as he ascends Mt. Olympus to confront the Titan Kronos who has imprisoned the other Olympians.
Meteor Mayhem Tufts University
Puzzle Action Game! Stop Meteors from crashing down and destroying your cities by building walls, cannons, ramps, shields, tractor beams, and much more. There are over 10 gadgets to utilize! The game features numerous mini-games, 7 different regions, 7 bosses, 7 vehicles, 8 vehicles to pilot, practice levels, a campaign mode, and a tutorial. Completely Parent Friendly!
Minecart Madness Simon Fraser University Surrey
In a race against time to save your girlfriend, you must create gems to pay her ransom. Rotate the railway tracks to sort minecarts into bins according to colour. But don't take too long, because oxygen is low!
Moe’s Escape Guildhall at SMU
Our team created this game with a younger audience in mind. It was designed to be fun and enjoyable, but with as little on screen violence as possible. The story involves our hero Moe, who is a baby penguin. Moe has escaped from captivity, and is searching for a way home. Moe must cross an area riddled with traps and polar bears, as well as defeat his arch nemesis the Zoo Keeper in order to find a map back to his family. Moe is equipped with his trusty umbrella that has many special features to aid him along the way.
Naac Politecnico di Milano
NaaC is a fast single-screen sci-fi shooter. Play as a space marine, kidnapped from the Earth, and defeat a horde of monster! The game features 100% original high-res graphics, boss and mini-bosses, 7 different weapons, innovative combo system, original soundtrack, online highscore and a lot of blood on the floor...
Office Frenzy Unibratec
Office Frenzy, is an action game against the clock where the player controls “The Boss” with a single objective: shooting the sleeping employees.
Opera Slinger Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
Combining classic elements of action platformers with voice interactivity, Opera Slinger puts the player in a race to win the hearts of their fans with a combination of singing talent and platforming skill!
PaddleSpace McGill University
What do you get when you cross 'Pong' with 'Asteroids'? PaddleSpace! A unique new retro arcade game taking a twisted fun spin on two great classics. A game you have to play and see to believe.
Pebble City University of Hong Kong
Pebble¡¨ is designed in a way to be fully benefited from the strength of accelerometer. It is a 3D racing game in which the player controls a ball racing on a half tube-shaped track. In the combat mode, the players have to win by pushing the opponents out of a square arena.
Penguin Adventure Cornell University
You control Tooks the penguin through 5 different worlds with nothing at his side but his trusty umbrella in an adventure to find his mother, who has been kidnapped by evil polar bears. Throughout his adventures, his umbrella is upgraded, allowing you to take his explorations to new bounds.
Phantasm Nanyang Polytechnic
A game which is situated in post-apocalyptic times. A Great War between humans and a magical race tore apart the world. Now the world, Rthrenia, seemed peaceful for now but will no longer be when what the prophecy foretell by the Wise of the Great War is fulfilled.
Plasma Pong George Mason University
This variation of Pong utilizes real-time fluid dynamics to drive the game environment. Players have several new abilities that add fun twists to the classic game. In the game you can inject plasma fluid into the environment, create a vacuum from your paddle, and blast shockwaves into the playing area. All these abilities have fluid-based kinetic effects on the ball, making Plasma Pong a fast-paced and exciting game.
Propero DigiPen Institute of Technology
Propero is a single player fast paced racing game where the player races futuristic ships against numerous A.I. controlled players at very high speeds. Special graphical effects and dynamic music make Propero an exciting game with a unique art style not found in other racers. Players must strategically use a boost ability to stay ahead of the competitive A.I. while maintaining control. Innovative track designs and environments allow for an engaging racing experience.
Qublix The George Washington University
Qublix is a three dimensional update to the classic two dimensional sliding tile puzzle. With puzzles ranging from two blocks wide all the way to 16, Qublix provides a challenge for any puzzle player.
Raj Horizon University of Central Florida
Mostly subspace influenced, otherwise small bits of diaspora and mission force:cyberstorm were in the original design. The game is currently a 2d space team / goal oriented deathmatch on a complete 3d engine.
Rapid Rush Vancouver Film School
A 3rd person survival sports white water Kayaking game in a cartoony world,paddle across different currents and levels of rapids. Thats not it you have no clue what dangers, mother nature embraces you with along your journey as a Adrenaline Junkie to save a innocent's life. A Demo Game created by 4 designers using the Unreal 2 engine.
Rooms SungKyunKwan university
In Rooms, you're locked in this mysterious mansion with different rooms. Arrange rooms like a sliding puzzle,only using what's inside the room. Think about the location of rooms, using right object at right time. We invite you to the mysterious adventure of Rooms mansion.
Sanity St Pauls WGL
Sanity is a journey into a damaged mind
Scholars of the Lost Exhibit Illinois Institute of Technology
Scholars of the Lost Exhibit is an interactive and exciting game acting as a supplement to fourth & fifth grade math and science curriculum. Coded in Macromedia Flash, it is comprised of individual mini-games that engage the player, making it a fun and entertaining learning aid in the classroom.
Seas of Europa Vancouver Film School
Seas of Europa is a 3D underwater alien action-adventure set within the uncharted depths of the icy moon Europa, with a tenacious tentacle and a cool color mechanic, created by four designers with a mission to boldly go beyond the limits of the Unreal Engine.
sgagcohst(some game a guy created on his spare time) UC Riverside
The object of the game is to try to guide a bunch of drones to your opponents planet in an attempt to blow it up before they do the same. Control a flying mech thing and arm it with 2 weapons. There are 6 upgradable weapons to chose from.
Shattered Alliance Gonzaga University
A simple RTS with one unique aspect: the sole weapons are rediculously powerful nuclear weapons. Do you think you think you can wipe out your apponent before you both destroy eachother? You're finger's on the button, will you push it?
snagu New York University- Interactive Telecommunications Program
snagu is a camera-phone based scavenger hunt created by four students at the Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, commonly known as ITP. While the game has launched, it is constantly being updated to ensure the maximum amount of fun.
Space Destruction Brooklyn Technical HS
Resurgence of mindless fun. As a tribute to the good 'ol days of gaming. Do we really need a reason to blast away spaceships by the dozen? In Space Destruction you work your way though the level, encountering smarter, faster, tougher enemies like never before. To hold your own against the onslaught you to will upgrade lasers, plasma bullets, chemical bursts, recharge shields and more!
Space Shooter 3D 2k7 Full Sail Real World Education
An exciting, fast paced 3D-Rail based space shooter set inside the winding maintenance tunnels of a gigantic mother ship.
Spherious DigiPen Institute of Technology
An addictive puzzle game, Spherious is about matching numbers and colors to remove spheres from a cube. The more you remove, the more points you get. Play single or multiplayer on a network - use items from your inventory to help solve your problems or cause some for your friends!
Spider Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Spider is an innovative 2d-style platform game that will give you the opportunity to spin webs and swing like a real spider! This game uses a combination of physics and visuals to maximize the fun. Swing your way through four colorful levels, collecting as many fireflies as you can find!
Squishy The Starfish DigiPen Institute of Technology
Squishy the Starfish is a 2D side-scrolling environmental puzzle game. Making use of Squishy's unique ability to extend his five elastic arms, the player must swing, climb, and maneuver throughout the underwater world.
SunBorn University of Miami
Spawning from the Sun, players plummet to the floating islands below and battle it out against foes on the internet. Get smashed off the island, you roast a fiery death and await the next SunBorn.
Tag Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Tag is a multiplayer 3D third person shooter with the excitement of paintball and the allure of a FPS. Players compete for property, splattering everything in the environment with team colors and decimating the opposing team in color. Features multiple modes, utilizing strategy and combat skills.
Terra Mage Lawrence Technological University
A competative, Player vs Player capture the flag game played over a network. Players manipulate the terrain in real time to defend the flag and attack other players.
Tetro's Adventure The Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby
Tetro's adventure Crash! He awakens on an island. To his left is his crash landed escape pod, and before him is the lush beach setting of an some unknown alien planet. Tetro might guess that this is the lost planet of Eudora. But that was supposed to have only been a legend. This on-edge little Tetro is in for an adventure. Nothing is what it seems on the planet of Eudora. Watch out for strange creature critters; crabs that look like flowers, flowers that have some bite that try to pull tetro off track. Make sure Tetro keeps his wit because there are many mysteries that when uncovered bring him closer to the Captain's Finding.
The Ball of Bastards Koln International School of Design
Monty Python meets soccer: Pissed off, cause your team played like crap? Sick of overpaid and decadent players? Got no tickets, but see empty seats in the stadium? Then come back to the origins of football. Let your aggressions reign and punish the guilty bastards Welcome to The Ball of Bastards!
The Best Game Ever! My School
This game is the best. I R 1337
The Bleeding Vienna University of Technology
Human life is at stake! Amidst the unique setting of a human body two players are in control of tiny probes. Containing lethal blood loss under pressure of the forward propelling pulse has absolute priority, but both of them are free to find their individual balance between rivalry and cooperation.
The Blob Hogeschool van de Kunsten, Utrecht
The Dutch city of Utrecht needs its' colors back, after some massive construction work was finished in 2020. Crashlanded alien Blob has the skills to do it, but is threatened by a corporation who like things just the way they are. Will you help him?
The Blob Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA)
The Blob is a tale of good vs. evil in a bizarre, tribal world where plant life and creatures live in a special hierarchy. The Blob, our unlikely hero, finds himself in a humorous and action-filled race to help the island’s big plant Tallolic recover his food from the scheming Dootches. Stretching way beyond his normal abilities, the Blob must use his wits, environment and various plant life along the way to complete his quest and free the trapped Nibbler food supply. Slink, Jump, Float, Absorb, and Shoot your way through the land of Mumbiai!
The Escape - A Dusty Trail Full Sail Real World Education
Follow the adventures of Dusty the Dust Ball as he journeys through a gigantic house in a non-violent 3D platform adventure focused towards children.
The Mansion of Crossed Destinies Yale University
The Winchester widow is cursed to build a house for the rest of her life. A hundred years later, a tarot expert is told that to bring his destined love into existence, he must retell the Winchester family past. They meet in the Mansion of Crossed Destinies, a cooperative two-player game where you build the level as you play in it.
The Scriptarians Silesian University of Technology
Create your own warrior from source code and watch his fights in beautiful 3D scenery. You can build a simple team with programs containing only few lines of code as well as form a team that will never be beaten with thousand of code lines.
The Shadow of Fate University of Nevada, Reno
When a laboratory experiment goes horribly wrong, it's up to you to set things right by solving the mystery of your past to decide the shape of your future in this time travel adventure.
The Woo Westwood College - North Denver
The woo is tired of feeling weak and insufficient. Your desire for power has finally gotten the best of you. Against the will of the realm, you have set out for your goal. You realize that this can only be achieved by obtaining the realm's true source of energy.... The Shards. Navigate the realms, to collect the shards. Defeat all who stand in your way. Absorb the energy and revel in your new found powers.
Thingavore! Texas A&M University
Thingavore! is a 2D, side-scrolling problem solving game. You play the role of the adorable and quirky "Thingavore" who overcomes obstacles by, as its name implies, using and most especially eating things.
Toblo DigiPen Institute of Technology
Toblo is set in a wild and wacky world full of colorful blocks. During the course of a Toblo capture-the-flag match, the structures in the world will be reduced to block rubble. Two teams, the Cloud Kids and the Fire Friends, compete to capture three of their sworn enemy's flags while protecting the three flags of their own. Not just your average third-person action game, Toblo allows the player to constantly affect the world. The very blocks that make up the structures in the world are used for combat.
TShadowLight National University of Singapore
A fast paced, action-RTS (Real time strategy game) with emphasis on tactics, maneuver, positioning and interrupts.
Ultimate Fairy Battle Full Sail Real World Education
Ultimate Fairy Battle is a fast paced arena combat game where you play as a spellcasting fairy taking on all comers. You can play both multiplayer online or single player offline.
Under Construction Simon Fraser University
Under Construction is a game in which the player needs to build some sort of a brick wall.
Under Da Hood Simon Fraser University
Take the show “Pimp My Ride”, add some addictive puzzle and memory game elements, and what do you have? – “Under Da Hood”, a fast-paced single-button Flash game where you take control of an auto body shop and pimp as many rides as possible!
Understanding Games: Motivation University of Applied Sciences
"Understanding Games: Motivation" is one of four games trying to raise awareness for the basic concepts of computer and video games. It deals with the player’s motivation to continue playing rather then leaving a game and examines what makes a game fun – instead of frustrating – to play.
Weaponed Head Game Academy
The characters of this game consist of humanized types of weapons, a main character, and a giant, which is a summoned character. When a character calls forth the giant, he holds the main character as a weapon. A player can enjoy the strange characters¡¯ unique actions and puzzles
X-IKONOS Guildhall at SMU
Players take a role of a commander commanding an army through a satellite camera “X-IKONOS” in attempt to eliminate the opposing army. X-IKONOS introduces a unique system that incorporates real-time movement into a turn-based strategy game, making strategies behind X-IKONOS significantly different from ordinary turn-based and real-time strategy games.
Xtreme Dodgeball Simon Fraser University
Digital Sweatshop presents, Xtreme Dodgeball, a 2-4 multiplayer game based upon the rules from the National Dodgeball League. Each match is limited to 5 minutes. The team with the most players at the end of 5 minutes wins. Or the first team to lose all its players is the loser.
Zombie City Tactics Western Washington University
Zombie City Tactics is a turn-based strategy game that takes place in the eternally unfortunate Zombie City. The objective of the game is generally to expand your territory and capture zombie generators, until there are no zombies left on the map.



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