2006 IGF Student Showcase Entrants
...and then the world was consumed by monsters Texas A&M University
[Monsters] is an overhead tactical hack and slash game. You are the last human left who must fight to survive as monsters have overrun Earth. You have the ability to melee, use magic spells, and control your defeated monsters as you progress towards your ultimate goal, destroying every last monster that roams the Earth.
Angels 20 Alamogordo High School
Angels 20 is 2D action shooter. You take off from your carrier and fight your way through 13 levels of Flak, Surface-to-Air missiles, armed vehicles, enemy MiGs as well as a couple of bosses that will rip you a new one (if you’re not careful) using all 7 of the ordinance types.
AtmoSphere DigiPen Institute of Technology
AtmoSphere is a fast paced racing game where your racer is a customizable sphere containing different elements from the periodic table. These elements affect properties of your sphere, including how heavy, metallic, and radioactive you are. These properties affect which paths you can take down the maze like tracks.
AYA! Game academy
In this game, a player has to kill monsters with a weapon shaped like a bus. Although it is an arcade game with easy controls, there are many challenges in completing a stage. There are a few unique twists in the game as a couple of the characters in the game have superpowers and can swing a big bus as easily as a baseball player swings bats. The characters must load the monsters in the bus and swing the bus to hurt and destroy them.
Ballistic Michigan State University
Ballistic is a 3D-action puzzle game. Viewed from a side perspective, the game asks players to solve physics-based challenges within a given time limit. Sporting tons of flash and making use of the Novadex physics SDK, Ballistic is non-stop fun that is easy and intuitive to get into.
Baron Von Puttyngton vs. The Cancerous M.C. Escher Maze Stanford University
You are Baron Von Puttyngton, a jiggly cube of putty. Your task is to navigate the M.C. Escher like maze made of cheese. Turn all the cancerous yellow cheese into blue cheese to advance to more complex mazes.
BEMPU DigiPen Institute of Technology
Battle Emotion Magic Pinball Unlimited (BEMPU) is a fast-paced causal multiplayer pinball game. Face off against up to 8 opponents in 16 modes and 3 circular arenas.
Booty Duty Full Sail Real World Education
Having survived the most terrible of mutinies, the deckhand Ron Jon finds himself in possession of one piece of a treasure map. Setting foot onto Landlubber Island, he is ready to find the remaining pieces of the map. Ron Jon will face perilous puzzles, evil ghost pirates, and the wrath of the sinister Captain Cutlass!
Bouncy Hunters San Jose State University
A two player "tag" style game, based on an unusual mode of movement. The players race to locate a single weapon. A number of powerups are available, but ultimately it's whether the player succeeds or fails to master the unique form of maneuvering which decides the outcome of the game.
Breakers Gameacademy
300 years in the future, Earth’s environment has become uninhabitable as the Sun has intensified. Mankind invented ARIS (Advance Ray Interception System) to protect the buildings and life beneath. In order to maintain these shields, humans created MUs (Micro Units). But suddenly and for no apparent reason, humans lose control over the MUs and they start attacking the ARIS. Now, you are the only one who can stop the rampage of the LOUs (Lost Out Unit).
Chorae Cosumnes River College
An engaging casual game with easy-to-learn gameplay and varied game modes.
Circuit Breaker Full Sail Real World Education
Play as DANI (Defense Artificial Navigational Interface) as you protect the TEN (Technology Everyone Needs) Corporation’s secret technology from being taken by invading robots from the government! You must track down the enemies and use a variety of traps to subdue and eliminate them!
Cloud University of Southern California
Have you ever wanted to fly among the clouds? To see the sky only where birds soar? Welcome to a dream of what could be. Welcome to Cloud, a game that lets you fly through the clouds, make shapes in the sky, and create storms to purify the air.
Colormental Full Sail Real World Education
All the color has been drained from Chromopolis and you, Roy G. Biv, must battle the deadly Huemans and restore the lost colors of your cartoon world. Solve unique puzzles and work your way past deadly platforming traps that will get you that much closer to chilling back in full 256 again.
Curator Defense Central Washington University
Taking on the role of a curator, the player must protect his museum from hordes of modern art robots raiding his museum. With the ability to place various defensive gizmos and gadgets, the player must maze the enemies through his museum and defeat them before they reach the store room.
Delta University of Dublin, Trinity College
The player must defend the population of Delta city from attack by controlling a ground-to-air missile launcher from the vantage point of a blimp hovering high above the city. Inspired by the classic “Missile Command”, Delta adds a new dimension and a controversial twist that sets it firmly in the present.
Energetic University of Gotland
Energetic is a project trying to enlighten and educate teenagers about the production and consumption of energy within our society. Rather than being an educational game, we hope Energetic can be a fun way to spark an interest in energy consumption.
Fibonacci Texas A&M University
An animal testing facility is conducting an experiment involving a young girland an excited number of rabbits. The trial is to see how long she can keep control of the situation and her environment. This is where Kristen and her counting adventure begin.
Galaxy Gladiators 3D Fanshawe College
Galaxy Gladiators 3D is a space ship combat simulator where movement is restricted to the X,Z plane. The control and feel is reminiscent of the classic Asteroids, however you fight other ships rather then boring old rocks. The goal of the game is to achieve the highest score.
GeoWarfare DigiPen Institute of Technology
GeoWarfare lets you command menacing forces of geometric fury in a series of destructible environments. This Real Time Strategy game with a focus on tactics features explosive multiplayer battles in four different modes of play including Steal the Bacon, Terrirories, Last Man on the Hill, and Body Count.
GG3D Fanshawe College
Galaxy Gladiator 3D is a arcade style 3D space simulator where the movement has be restricted to a 2D plane, reminisant of Astroids.
GOM(God of Monkeys) Ajou University
GoM(God of Monkeys) is an online PC game on Windows that two players compete by controlling monkeys using a deck of cards. The main objective of this game is to help player's monkeys to eat more bananas than the other player's monkeys by building bridges at strategic positions that help their own monkeys while obstructing other monkeys.
Grass Mania : Need For Grass Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium
Doggy dog has hit a serious problem! For doing business in the gardens of GrassTown’s folks, he has been punished to mow the lawn for each citizen of the GrassTown. Oh no! So get your lawnmowers ready, mates, cuz it’s time to help Doggy dog and go for the grass!
Gravity The Guildhall at SMU
Control a planet in a chaotic gravatic system to avoid destruction and complete a song. The goal of gravity is to complete the song. Each song is made of sections which must be completed else the section will loop. The current progress is displayed by two bars at the bottom of the screen. The bar on the right is the player's progress through the song. The bar on the left is the player's progress through the current section. To progress through the current section the player must perform different tasks depending upon the game mode. Gravity has two game modes: stunt and bounce. To progress in bounce the player must run into the other objects in the universe while not falling into the sun. Each contact rewards progress proportional to the mass of the object that was hit. The second game mode is stunt which rewards the player when under acceleration from other objects. This means progress is obtained when close to other objects. The crux here is a penalty when the player touches another object. To progress the player must be near massive objects but not touch them.
Gravity Drive Full Sail Real World Education - Winter Park FL
Gravity Drive puts the player as a Test Pilot who unwittingly becomes the hero in a dangerous coup attempt. Battle through AI controlled Frames, dodge turret fire, avoid deadly molten steel, and save your country from the diabolical menace that is being created deep underground the heart of the Eurassian Government.
Guardians of Kelthas Indiana University
Guardians of Kelthas is a unique fantasy collectible card game that explores the potential of an all-digital CCG. As the new director of a Hero Company, the player must organize a team capable of defending the Empire and besting their competition through a variety of gameplay modes.
Invader Worm Gazi Univercity
Start exercising your wrist muscles - Invader Worm will put your mouse & joystick using stamina the test. Stunning Fruit & Texture graphics bring the action to vivid life, while super/power-ups abount to help or hurt.
ISOSTAR USC Interactive Media
"Can you believe that your everyday mouse clicking skill is good enough to save the entire Universe from being ISOHEDRONIZED? Check this out! It's your STAR."
Itsy Tipsy UC Berkeley
Full-time nights, and the tips are yours. Itsy Tipsy is the spotlight in insect discotheque, and you will run this bar solo. You must be quick and accurate under pressure. The job is yours if you make it through the night and keep the whole club Itsy Tipsy.
Ivar's Adieu DigiPen Institute of Technology
Ivar's Adieu is a lighthearted platformer in which you run, jump, and swing through a fully interactive, circular environment. Instant karma takes on a whole new meaning as objects thrown with Ivar’s trusty rope and harpoon can come back around to surprise you, occasionally in the back of the head!
King Pin online Gameacademy
King Pin is an on-line bowling game. It follows general bowling rules but there are a few unique aspects that make the game more interesting. Many events and missions come up during the games and the characters have different emotions that are effected by how the game goes.
Kingspin Utrecht School of the Arts
Kingspin is a multiplayer arcade videogame with one simple goal: “bump as many of all the opponents off the field as fast as you can”. At the end it is not as simple as it looks, because the characters you control are tumblers, which can be very unpredictable.
Laser Dolphin York University
Take control of Laser Dolphin to experience action, adventure, and underwater fun. You will need to use all of your cunning to evade and destroy the bizarre sea creatures that you encounter. Missile Fish, TNT Turtles, Robo Sharks, and more!
Maskotaz Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Maskotaz will be an entertainment application for mobile phones. It will be an innovative variable for the famous "virtual pet" but with a different environment and new entertainment options. These characteristics give Maskotaz a look completely different from the Japanese one. Also, this software will have a bluetooth interaction module, which will allow pets from different terminals have a fun together. Another innovation of this product is that different pets will have different profiles determined by the user, which will determine compatibility with other pets and the character of yours. The big difference between this products and conventional cell phone's games, is that, the pet once born lives in the phone until its death, a period that depends on the owner, who has to feed it, clean it, entertain it, etc.
Maze Gameacademy
In Maze, you are a demon in charge of your dungeon. Your goal is to promote your dungeon to the highest rank, thereby obtaining the throne of the underworld. You have control: build your dungeon, set the traps, and choose your guardian monsters. No enemy should be able to pass through your dungeon. The demon who conquers the most dungeons and whose dungeon is renowned throughout the land shall be the king of the Demons.
Momenta DigiPen Institute of Technology
Momenta is a three-dimensional action platformer that utilizes dynamic music, next generation graphics techniques and Newtonian physics. Momenta combines old and new styles of gameplay for a unique audio-visual experience.
MOVE is an installation using computer vision and full body interaction allowing participants to experience six different types of actions usually performed by avatars in videogames.
Narbacular Drop DigiPen Institute of Technology
Narbacular Drop is an environmental puzzle game in a fantasy setting, where the player navigates a dungeon with two interconnected portals. The dungeon has a series of traps and puzzles, which the player must solve by moving around objects in the environment using the portals. The key feature of this game is the Portal System. The game will be developed for the Windows 2000/XP PC. The game is non-violent and would receive an E for Everyone rating. The target audience is young casual gamers and hardcore gamers.
Nucleus University of Michigan - Dearborn
Nucleus is an initially relaxing action-puzzler that progresses into chaos. Manipulate particles orbiting a volatile nucleus to thwart the evil Dr. Quaternion and (of course) save the world!
Ocular Ink Grinnell
In a strange and twisted land where evil dismembered body parts roam the countryside, you play the role of a young paintbrush-wielding eyeball that is determined to free his home town from the fearsome clutches of the evil eye-pirate known far and wide as Patches Deadlights.
Orblitz DigiPen Institute of Technology
OrBlitz is a fast-paced puzzle game along the lines of Lemmings, where players place blocks to direct orbs to their goal. Originally in black and white, color spreads out to the world as the gameplay picks up speed to a frantic pace.
Palette Department of Film, TV and Multimedia, SungKyunKwan university
Color is the essence of the gameplay in this game. The players will experience the simulation of mixing real paint. This game is not for brain but for eyes.
Panda Park University of Applied Sciences
Panda Park is a fast-paced two-player game with fresh and unique gameplay ideas: A set of different rules and goals that can be changed by the players to their own advantage while the game is actually running. It was originally designed for Nintendo Gameboy Advance and produced as a Flash version.
PanicVirus Game academy
Panic Virus is a unique online shooting game. Instead of the usual shoot to kill scenario, the object here is shoot and infect. The goal is to spread your virus.
Paper Chase 2 DigiPen Institute of Technoloy
In Paper Chase 2 you will take part in an epic stick figure battle for control of your notebook. Take control of Chase Gordon and brawl your way through hordes of ninjas on a quest to gain immortality through the Permanent Marker.
Polaris DigiPen Institute of Technology
“Polaris” is a 2-D side-scrolling game in which the player has to defeat numerous enemies with an upgradeable sword and various special items to save his world.
Project Echelon DigiPen Institute of Technology
Project Echelon is a 3rd/1st person action/strategy game where you take control of a customizable avatar and lay traps or combos (using a unique combo making system) about an enclosed 3D arena that you can have gravity to one of four sides (like 4 levels in 1) and battle it out Deathmatch style.
ReLevelEd DigiPen Institute of Technology
"Releveled" is a puzzle adventure game where the goal is to guide the clueless round devil, Red, through twelve puzzle-like levels in four different worlds. To navigate Red through these levels, you have a variety of blocks that will influence his behavior when he walks atop them. This allows Red to walk and jump in the direction you desire.
Rhapsody of the Ancients The Guildhall at SMU
Rhapsody of the Ancients is a fast-paced 2D action-adventure in which the player must face evil foes to avenge his fallen land. The game's bloody combat and challenging puzzles are driven by a unified physics engine which encourages the player's creativity.
Rumble Box DigiPen Institute of Technology
Rumble Box is a fast paced 3D action beat-em-up with a unique premise: all of the characters are made of simple objects which stay around in the level even after the character is defeated. The game takes place inside a giant box, and the ultimate goal of the game is to pile up enough defeated enemies to get out of the box.
Sea of Chaos DigiPen Institute of Technology
Sea of Chaos is a story-driven 3d action naval combat game. Defend your homeland against the evil Vandamourians, battle ferocious pirates, and acquire new ships and upgrades to help you achieve your ultimate goal of bringing peace to the seas.
ShadowFrame University of California Berkeley
A full 3D shooter with very nice graphics, physics, gameplay, and effects.
Sludge Crawler Stonybrook University
You play as Sludge Crawler, a blob-like character who has run out of soda. He must travel to the Grocery Store to get some more. The fact that all these weird terrains and such are between you and the grocery store is mere coincidence! Have fun!
Sora Art Institute of Vancouver - Burnaby
Sora is a Real Time Strategy game, set in a beautiful 3D environment. Commanding either the marauding Corsairs or the resolute Tex-Machina, you must fight for control of Sora’s massive sky cities, and the rich resources of the planet below.
Starcade The Ohio State University
Starcade is a fast paced 3d space shooter where you must use superior flying skills and groups of colored power-granting atoms to destroy fleets of enemy spacecraft. Collect parts and weapons from destroyed enemy ships and create your own powerful custom ship.
Super Squirrel DigiPen Institute of Technology
Super Squirrel is a fast paced combat platformer. Using his Lightning Sword and Blaster Gun, Super Squirrel has to proceed through a variety of levels defeating the enemies and bosses in his path.
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The Sixth Age: A New Spirit Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby
Sixth Age offers deep game play that is easy to learn yet hard to master for casual and die hard strategy fanatics. Players choose from a diverse selection of playable characters, each one possessing unique spells and abilities. Then utilizing chess-like strategy on a hex based grid, players use a selection of melee weapons and magical attacks to devestate their apponent. Victory will prevail to those who utilize the tactical advantage that each member of their army offers.
Throw! Ajou University
It is an online snowball fight game with 1st-persion perspective. A player has to hit the opponent(another player) with snowballs.
Yun Dark Thunder Universidad Pompeu Fabra
Yun, a young boy whose past is forgotten, must find the Dark Thunder Sword to defeat the Zogoth that has been freed before it grows stronger and takes over the land...
2006 IGF Middleware-Based Student Showcase Entrants
Elements - Life reminiscence ISART Digital
Elements is a reflexion plateform game. Your world has been dematerialized, you have to associate materials to "dead objects" in order to use them. You have to manage your reserves, make your own way by enabling objects and create interactions between them to reach your objectives.
Goliath Media Design School
Goliath is a team-based vehicle action game. The player takes on the role of one of 16 human or AI controlled vehicles known as the Road Warriors defending a world under siege from an enormous and seemingly indestructible tank known as the Goliath.
Goutte (drop in English, pronounce "Goot") is a visually stunning video game, an entertaining dreamlike experience where the player is given control of a seamless drop of water, and has to survive against the multiple dangers relative to the various environments he will explore during his journey.
Grimm Iowa State University
Grimm, the new adventure game from Bunker Studios, delves into the fairytale land of Huginn. Our hero, Jacob, finds himself lost and alone. Armed solely with savant wits, Jacob navigates an unbelievable world with one goal: return home no matter what.
Hof Eckstein Games Academy GmbH
Hof Eckstein is one of two point and click adventures in 3d but static cameras. You will control one charakter in the area of a farm and solve little quests. This game has a very colorfull syle.
Ike & Stevie Games Academy GmbH
Ike & Stevie is one of two point and click adventures in 3d but static cameras. The game is full of an gruesome but sarcastic style, cool charakters and nice gameplay.
Ki-Do Games Academy GmbH
“Ki-Do“ is a PC strategy game for four Players with elements of a board game. Two teams adopt Ki-Energy secretly, determine their path and challenge the other team, to hear Seishin, the Spirit of Perception.
Lab Rats Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
You play a Rat in a maze who must grab as many pieces of cheese as possible in a round. The person who has the most cheese at the end of the round wins!
MetroCab Games Academy GmbH
The Metro-Cab world is oriented loosely on science fiction block busters like ‘The 5th Element’, ‘They live’ (Carpenter) and ‘Bladerunner’ through story and setting. The game play is a mix of racing, shooter, rpg-quest elements and character trait development similar to games like GTA.
Mexus, Sand Battles ETSII (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática), Seville University
Mexus is a FPS Multiplayer action game. This FPS takes us to a remote and deserted planet called Mexus, where a strange and intelligent humanoide civilization exists, the Mexen, whose evolution along the time has been a difficult task.
Neuro-Evolving Robotic Operatives (NERO) The University of Texas
In NERO, the player assumes the role of a drill sergeant and trains a team of robots in real time by adding level elements, interacting with the robots, and specifying overall team behaviors. Once the player is satisfied with his team, he can battle against other teams over the internet.
Rebirth Games Academy GmbH
Rebirth is a next-generation 3D- sidescroller. It combines the best aspects of the "Turrican" and "Metroid" series into an action-packed jump'n'run experience. Rebirth uses cutting-edge technology like fully dynamic lighting, realtime shadows, and normal/specular mapping to deliver the ultimate arcade experience on the PC platform.
Soapracer Madness Games Academy GmbH
In Soapracer Madness you control an car without an engine driving only by the gravity. The graphics are completely 3d and in a nice comic style.
Space Amazons Games Academy GmbH
Space Amazons is a roundbased strategy game, following in the tradition of classics such as Ufo or Jagged Alliance. The player controls a group of attractive elite female soldiers that are fighting against a brutal horde of aliens.
Squares: The Awakening Blue Valley North High School
Squares puts you in the shoes of the valiant red square, who must navigate through a quickly moving, free-from maze of other different colored squares in order to complete levels. You will have to find a safe path through the quickly bouncing obstacles.
the white chamber Sheffield Hallam University
Sci-fi horror adventure game featuring vibrant anime style graphics. A young girl awakens in a glowing metallic coffin aboard a twisted space station. She must solve puzzles and face horrific mysteries to uncover where she is, what is happening and the secret of the white chamber.
Where are our diamonds, Mr. President? University of Maryland, Baltimore County
This is a game about a totally new civilization, one that is taking form in the explosive politics of certain West African countries. What's it like to grow up as a child soldier in Sierra Leone's civil war, forced (or volunteering) to fight against your own country, your own friends and family?



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