Student Entrant 2014

Algonquin College
Equestrian Babies


An action RPG set in the fantasy land of Animalia where six animal species rule over their respective kingdoms. The story follows a Mole squire, and his companions from the Mouse, Hare, and Squirrel kingdoms, who are sent on a quest to uncover the source of an evil dark mist that decimated the Mole and Mouse armies.

Key features include puzzles designed for each of the four characters and the party combat system. Each puzzle has a specific mechanic for a certain character to complete it. The nature of the puzzles are logic puzzles for the Squirrel, a 2D platformer for the Hare, a maze for the Mouse and smashing walls for the Mole. The player only controls the Mole character but he has a party of three other characters with different skills and abilities that are controlled by an AI which assist the player in combat. You will play as the Mole who uses a hammer to crush his enemies. As you progress through the game you will acquire allies from the different kingdoms. For example, the Hare companion will hold the enemies off with his sword & shield, while the Squirrel and Mouse companions will use ranged attacks.