Command Control

Student Entrant 2014

Plymouth University, UK
Sam Billingham


Command Control is a real-time multiplayer game inspired by the IOS game Spaceteam. Consisting of 3 physical controllers with buttons, switches, dials and sliders that facilitate a fun group gaming experience. Players work together to use the correct controls to keep the ship flying. The only way players can complete levels is by working together.

Each control has seven inputs based on the ideas of Miller's magic number 7, making it not impossible for players to remember there inputs throughout the level.

Using Arduino I was able to control a number of different inputs. Inputs are then calculated and sent to my game server. Most of the logic for command control is ran on the server using Node.js. Built into each controller is an old android phone, these are used as screens to represent the button layouts, timers and signals for the game. All of the assets in the game I created myself, along with building the physical controllers, wiring and all of the programming.

I wanted to explore how creating physical interfaces for games can enhance the playability, change group dynamics and the experience had while playing.

I was able to really push my boundaries and learn many new skills from electronics, design to programming both for a server and user interface. I was really happy to have created a project people can have fun playing.

My favourite part of this project was one of the last parts i added. A big red button that starts and restarts the game at any state. This was great for people to be able to get started quickly. The key switch to reset the Arduino is pretty cool too.