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University of California at Santa Cruz

Experience life through the eyes of other creatures. Experience life through your own eyes.

In Reflect the player has the ability to see from the perspectives of other creatures. After observing a creature's movements and interests the player can mimic the creature and exist as it does within the environment. If successful, the player gains abilities he or she can use to explore other areas of the world. The game is set in the world as we know it. The models, environments and textures are simplistic and very low in detail in order to encourage imagination and contemplation. The different areas of the world are separated by platformer style obstacle courses. This often meditative experience is combined with the challenge of the observation puzzles and navigating to new areas to create a feeling of tranquil engagement.

University of Southern California

Run and jump across two screens at the same time! Reflection is a 2D puzzle platformer developed for the Nintendo DS at the University of Southern California. Follow the adventures of an inquisitive young girl who accidentally releases an evil being, and the no nonsense warden she must team up with to stop the destruction of the world.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Resonance is essentially a hybrid of rhythm-action and classic side-scrolling brawler mechanics. Like a standard 2D brawler game, the player progresses across each of the stages from left to right, defeating enemies in his or her wake. However, the player cannot merely tap buttons furiously in order to succeed. The player’s four basic attacks act as four separate notes used to play a whole myriad of short tunes. Whenever a tune is played with the correct timing and notes (within an allowed margin of error), the player will execute special moves capable of truly damaging the enemies put before them. By successively stringing together these tunes, the player will be able to pull off satisfying combos, increasing their score and speeding up their progress.

Media Design School

Roadblock is a single player racing game with platform elements, set in physics-enriched destructible environments.

Roadblock features both circuit races and point to point.

Players can choose from a variety of different vehicles that each have unique handling behaviour.

Roadblock also features a unique power-up system, where the player spends their collected cash in real-time, purchasing power-ups (rockets, mines, double-jumps, etc.) in a strategic manner.

Rocket Rita in Net Attack
Illinois Institute of Art-- Chicago

Rocket Rita in: Net Attack! is a Robotron/Smash TV Style Shooter with a twist. Because of A rip in their worlds. Computer Characters are stuck in the real world, and real characters are stuck in the computer world. Rita and the Evil Doctor Shcliechinger must team up to send their enemies back to their proper world and defeat them for good!

Romi and Jully
Ajou University

Romi & Jully is an action arcade game that two characters use a string tied up on them and cooperate each other.

Romi is in coma because of jully. To revive Romi, Jully go into Romi's dream and try to take him out of coma.(For details, look 2-1 synopsis) From beginning to end, the string of destiny is tied Romi and Jully together.

A new gameplay with the string is the key point of this game. You can use the string to shoot a monster, wind around a monster to kill, interact with other objects. There are other special strings, electricity, pipe, spring and chain, namely. Also, special skills(time stop, cannon, swing) make the game more interesting.

Teamwork between two players is the most important part of this game because two players need to play together. It's impossible to play the game if only one player think. To play the game well, two players should cooperate and help each other. However, to play two characters alone, we considered the control system of this game.

RunMan Race Around the World
Penn State University

Are you the fastest in the world? Run! Jump! Zoom! Wallkick! Run as fast as you can! Do your best!

This is a platform game, and it wants you to have fun.


Shadow is a real time video game prototype where you must save the light, but also survive it.

As darkness is taking over light, a warrior from the shadows realizes that the balance of the world is at stake.

Stay in the dark and create shadows by using your environment to save the light.

Shadow Holic
Game Academy

Shadow holic is about "Shadow". We applied the things about shadow, may a lot of people have imagined.
Sometimes you can see the funny shape of shadows unexpectedly. It can be a gorgeous sword from a dragonfly on a reed,
or it can be a delicious cotton candy from a tree.
This game have a concept of this funny Imagination that make the same shape of items just from the same shape of shadow.

Shift 2 Escape to Skyborne
Michigan State University

Set immediately after the events in Shift 1, Agent Drake Harrison uses his shift suit's powers to Shift forms while attempting to escape from The Tryk, after killing Draksyys, the evil Trykkan overlord. 2D Puzzle Platformer

Skip Lancer
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Play as Skip Lancer, a blue jay with ambitions of becoming the best stunt-bird in the world. Perform death-defying stunts and gain accreditation in the World Headquarters of Official Stunt-bird Heroes!

Texas A&M University

If you can see it, you can take it. In this action-packed shooter, you play the role of a ruthless air pirate, bent on getting vengeance against an army of airborne robots. You are severely out-gunned and out-numbered, but fear not! As soon as your plane starts to take a nose dive, simply leap out and jack one of your enemies' planes! Even some of the bosses are jackable!

Clarkson University

Snapshot is a 2d sidescrolling game in which the player takes on the role of "Pic" The player controls Pic as well as a camera that can take photos of the environment. Photos can capture objects such as boxes, enemies, and other things. The player can then use these photos to move objects around in the world to complete each level. This is a very early concept version of the game, so the gameplay elements are rather limited at this point.

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

This galaxy has sunk deep into apathy. But you can help. Use your force field to activate the seeds and plants will grow. These will lower the gravity on the planet so you can reach new places. You can also uproot, move and smash plants to harvest the Atoms that grow on them. Use the Atoms to link Gates and reach other planets.
Play with plants and gravity to find all the seeds and with their help bring life back to each planet. Go and explore!

Softbody (working title) is a game concept realized as part of the EMMA in Game Design and Development at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. It is a study about the theory that one can position any kind of play on a continuum between paidia and ludus, which roughly translate to freeform play and structured game. Our project tries to achieve a balance between these two to provide the player with a structured experience while allowing her enough freedom to experiment and improvise.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

The evil cyborg armada has blazed a trail of destruction through the galaxy. They have destroyed worlds, civilizations, and their next target is humanity. You pilot the Sousui. You are the flagship for our fleet; you are our hope, our inspiration, our savior. You must push them back at all costs, or we face only total annihilation. But you aren’t without hope. Your ship is equipped with the latest in destruction. Your hyper boosters propel you forward at near impossible speeds. Your homing missiles seek out and destroy your enemies. Your Plasma cannon cuts through the enemies like butter. Your anti-matter shotgun melts enemy armor. And last, your anti-matter bomb destroys everything in its destructive radius. You must blaze your way through the cyborg lines and destroy their offensive forces over several missions. You will by ambushed, outnumbered, and outgunned. Somehow you must prevail.

Space Pirate Wars
DeVry University - Fremont

Space Pirate Wars is a 3D Cooperative Space Action Game with networked play. Up to five players can play together over LAN as a band of space mercenaries, working as a team to visit planets, finish quests, upgrade their equipment and generally blast bad guys into space dust. One player controls the mothership while the others control fighter ships. The fighters can dock with the mothership to hide and repair, but the mothership can only repair at planets, so players must work as a team to avoid the worst from happening!

University of Southern California

One winter night, staring up into the snowfall, 70-year-old Joseph Wheeler looks back over the nine moments that shaped his life. As the player, you travel through Joseph Wheeler's memory and relive those nine moments, choosing, through your actions, how his life will be remembered.

Spectre is a game about telling the story of an individual's life. The player navigates Joseph's consciousness, coming upon and exploring specific events that left an impression on him. Some of these are painful, nagging memories that the player might try to avoid; some are moments of beauty or wonder. The player will discover, however, that true happiness can only be found on the far side of great hardship.

Ultimately, Joseph's story will depend on which memories the player brings to the surface. Different stories will highlight different facets of his life and personality, leaving the player with a compelling, if never entirely complete, impression of the man, his place in the world, and what he see...

Academy of Interactive Entertainment

A top-down cooperative shooter where up to four players must build and defend their tower from the invading Zenos.

Star Guard
Laney College

Guide the spaceman through the castle and defeat the Wizard.

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

A demo developed in under a year, lasting for approximately 10 minutes, that can be used to prove that a game involving both role-playing and real-time strategy gameplay elements can work together to form a breeding ground for an experience that can deliver fun and innovation in an accessible form to the player.

The game is set in a fictional world set in the future and has been torn apart by the drying up of the world's oceans. The countries that have formed in the wake of this disaster are struggling and the player is the freshest recruit to start serving their particular nation. The player is free to choose between a peaceful and aggressive governmental career.

These core gameplay elements have been implemented, in a basic sense, for this demo and are intended to point to possibilities that cannot quite be realised in more traditional role-playing and real-time strategy games. The design behind these ambitious ideas was to create the beginnings of a game that would feel ver...

Super Banana Nababa

Super Banana Nababa is an old-school sidescroller, which focuses on boss battles.

Bring down the curse on Neo-Africa by recovering all 6 mystical orbs from the mysterious, eerie lighthouse and its 6 fearsome guardians! You can do it, Harry Flowerpower!

It is a re-envisioning of another indie game called "Banana Nababa" (hence our title), which was made by Lazrael. It started out as a simple update to his game, with new graphics, music, and a few new bosses, but soon grew into a much bigger project, where pretty much everything was re-designed from scratch, and only the core mechanics and spirit was kept intact.

Suro Throw
Ajou University

Game overview :

¡¶SURO! Throw!¡· is about an ardent girl¡¯s story who starts to fight enemies by throwing her friends. ¡¶SURO! Throw!¡· is developed under a theme : ¡°Explosion of exciting action given by amusing characters¡±.
Three stages with different look and difficulty exists; each with new friends and monsters which have unique impressions and abilities¡ªwhich provides new tactics in battle.
¡¶SURO! Throw!¡·was developed using Microsoft XNA 2.0.

Game features :

Unique individualities through character¡¯s looks and animations.
3D modeled characters in ¡¶SURO! Throw!¡·, each have a unique personality. These amusing personalities can be seen through their appearance or motions.

Action play composed by various characteristics.
The external features of ¡¶SURO! Throw!¡· characters brings an amusing action play. Players can predict how to attack by looking at the monsters looks and movements.

Various battle tactics based on friend¡¯s and monster¡¯s features.

Swing King
National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment, Denmark

Swing king is a 3D platform action puzzle game with humoristic bouncing physics, mainly targeted towards 8 year old boys/kids.

You are the Swing King trapped deep under ground in the dungeon of the evil Sir
Edgardt Iron Butt. A heavy dungeon ball is chained to your leg. Swing and throw the ball to move around, destroy obstacles and kill your enemies. Once you have reached the surface, destroy the control room to kill Sir Edgardt Iron Butt and set yourself free.

Tag The Power of Paint
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Tag is a first-person puzzle game where every object in the game is paintable and different colors of paint give the player different powers. Using the different colors of paint, the player must paint their way to victory by using the different colors to solve the puzzles in each level.

Teflon Challenge Arena TCA

TCA is a cross genre multiplayer game, where 2 players are dueling in an arena for the control of checkpoints. While one of them is playing a robot in a 3rd person view, the second controls a large drone, in a RTS-God Like view.

Terre Adelie
ENJMIN - Ecole Nationale des Jeux et Médias Interactifs Numériques

Let’s plunge the player in the dark, deprived of light, no image appearing on the screen.
He will have to find his way thanks to the sound only, helped by a paper map and a flashlight in his hands, exactly as he would do in a treasure hunt.

The Color of Doom
The Guildhall at SMU

Story of Doom
In the last issue of The Jester, our hero defeated the evil Doctor Violet and convinced her to abandon her evil ways. However, news reporters across the city report that Doctor Violet's factory is once again spewing purple smoke and legions of violent robots, threatening Dangeropolis and the world.

The Color of Doom is an exciting, humorous experience shooting hordes of enemies! It is a single player mod for Half-Life 2 that brings the excitement of a 3d action-platformer to a tongue-in-cheek superhero setting.

Blast through a super-villain’s evil robot lair, filled with aggressive red and blue robotic minions intent on your destruction. Only by using your color-switching gadgetry can you hope to survive the crazed contraptions left behind in Doctor Violet’s factory. Similar colors (red and red or blue and blue) repel/damage each other, but opposing colors (blue and red) mutually defend.

The Ghastleybriar Zoo Incident
The Guildhall at SMU

Late one night, Edward Mump received a telegram from his boss at the Ghastleybriar Zoo. The director had written to inform him that there was an urgent situation at the zoo that required his attention. And so, Edward Mump grabbed his trusty bag and set out into the night.

Capture fantastical animals in an Edward Gorey inspired Zoo. The Ghastleybriar Zoo Incident is a single player mod that mixes the excitement of capturing fantastical animals with stylized visuals and a morbid sense of humor.

Run and jump through a bizarre Edward Gorey inspired Zoo capturing fantastical animals. Use your knap sack to stun wild animals and capture them as well. Traverse through two unique environments connected by a central hub in order to uncover the mystery behind the Ghastleybriar Zoo.

The Teddy Incident
Fundació UPC

It's an action-plataformgame about accompanying a boy called Freddy, who has a fetish for teddy bears and sociopathic tendencies, in an oniric journey to rescue his only friend Teddy.

The Thiefs Tale
Palomar Community College

In this puzzle platforming game the player takes control of The Thief in his quest to escape the Dungeon of the villainous Princess and her Guards.

The Unfinished Swan
University of Southern California

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world. Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden.

The Wrath of Transparentor The Battle for Xtor Prime Retribution in the Invisible Wars Part Two 2.0
University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts: Interactive Media Program

Take control of an invisible monster hell-bent on humanity's destruction in The Wrath of Transparentor, The Battle for Xtor Prime; Retribution in the Invisible Wars; Part Two 2.0; A Ten Day Prototype of a 5 Day Prototype; Now with Added Astound-O-Vision, IGF Version Deluxe: Not for Re-Sell, Escape from Radish Bay! Life can be tough when you are an invisible monster, especially when it comes to platforming, battling flying saucers, crushing puny humans, and boss fights. Players must rely entirely on sounds and environmental cues to wreak havoc through this 2-D side-scrolling, action game.
The game was inspired by bad low budget Science Fiction "B" movies of the 1950s and retro gaming conventions. The adventure that takes place in the player's imagination provides a new way for players to experience a game. The game that is so bad it's good. You are Monster Fight.


'THERE' contains the meaning of 'the place that we cannot reach. And It contains the meaning of 'the place that we must reach. 'THERE' is a story about people who confronts natural disasters in the South Pole. This game depicts the human challenge of overcoming the extreme cold of the South Pole, crevasse, avalanche,dropping ice, and breaking geography in search of Dr. 'Reicalg'
You must play while managing the status consisting of health, stamina, and temperature of your character. There are times when you move one step at a time carefully according to natural disaster situations from geography, and there are also situations you have to proceed with while sprinting.

Temasek Polytechnic

Genre: Puzzle
Objective: Transport each Juneau (Playing Character) into its own bottle (Goal Point).
1. LMB - to slap the Juneau and it will bounce. Juneau is like a basketball and much more. It can defy gravity and reach to places that are higher than usual.
2. RMB – to change the environment where white spaces become black and vice versa. Note: Juneau can’t go into black spaces.

Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

TRINO, an evolving alien, must escape the insidious NANITES, An insidious cyborg swarm that have imprisoned him for his powers! Use TRINO's powerful TRIANGLE TRAP to defeat the Nanites and break free from their Laser Prison! Evade, outsmart and destroy 7 types of deadly enemies! Collect power-ups to evolve and destroy the laser walls! Help TRINO break free from the clutches of the Nanites in the latest Action-Puzzler from Team ProjeX!

Play for SPEED!
Play to WIN!

Upon My World
Hamburg University of Applied Science / Department Design

This adventure game is my graduation-project and took roundabout ten months to accomplish.
The graphics are computer-collage and real, handmade paper-collage all mixed together and the character is a little modeling clay figure, photographed and pasted in.
The player follows the character (I call her Su) through a weird little world, up to a rather sinister AHA-effect, explaining the events in the earlier scenes.

Virus Effect
University of Houston

Virus Effect is a 2D platform RPG shooter. It is a browser game where you start out with a handgun battling "viruses" in a virtual world set up by the government. Along the way you can stop by the city shops to heal, buy weapons, and upgrade your gun's stats.

Where Is My Heart
Universität Ulm

Where is My Heart? is a puzzle-platforming game that explores family relationships through its central metaphor. Players embody a family of monsters, whose interactions produce pink hearts of love which can lead the family home, and dark green hearts of bitterness, which damage the family and throw it off course. Where is My Heart? is an engaging and touching exploration of familial relationships through the metaphors of exploration and collection. Developed by Bernhard Schulenburg

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Whiplash is a 2D side-scrolling environmental puzzle game. Make use of dynamic lights and realistic spring physics to solve puzzles and explore caves.

Winds Of Orbis
Carnegie Mellon- Entertainment Technology Center

'Winds of Orbis' is the first action-adventure title to promote physically active play by combining Nintendo's motion sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk with a re-designed floor pad. The gamer can literally step into the shoes of a virtual hero to explore an immersive world, combat enemies, cast spells, and solve puzzles. A Hero's Journey-style story adds emotional investment to the revolutionary physical game mechanics.

Our vision is to take the adventure of 'The Legend of Zelda' with the active fun of 'Dance Dance Revolution' to create a new game genre: Active-Adventures.

Wings of Apocalypse
Virginia Commonwealth University

The human race is under attack by what is known to be an alien force. To combat this force a unified military has formed temporarily. After being on the defensive for many years EUM ( Earths Unified Military) gathered an Aerial Assault team to carry out extremely dangerous missions and battle objectives. To do this, EUM gathered together the best pilots around the world into 5 teams. The story begins with AA Team 5. Their operation is code named “STOP APOCALYPSE.”

Shoot, Dodge and Deflect enemy fire as you soar through the world of Wings of Apocalypse!

World Of Champloo
University of Abertay Dundee

World of Champloo is a real-time action Multi-player RPG game based on the nature principle of colour mixing. Three mythical characters from planet Chromathya are available for choosing. Each of them has unique strength and weakness. In the World of Champloo the only way to attack an opponent is by using colour spheres which are randomly distributed in the arena. Only when the correct complementary colour was used, then the opponent can take damage and effected by the sphere. Hence an experienced player will know to always think in colours in order to maximize his/her advantage. The battles of colour have just begun...

Technische Universität Berlin

zeit² comes in the tradition of classic score-attack shoot 'em up games and adds a time traveling mechanic, which extends the game experience in surprising ways. You can assist yourself by traveling back in time and co-op with your prior playing, which will give you new exciting possibilities to improve your game play and reach a high score.
The simple two button controls make it easy for casual players to get started and get hooked on zeit², while its game play spoils hardcore players by giving them so many possibilities to improve their high score.
Get the side scrolling arcade action and discover how you can assist yourself in many exciting ways just by traveling back in time! Blast away a variety of enemies like you never could before!

Zephyr Tides of War
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy

As the captain of a flying battleship, use your voice to command your ship's crew in war and defend the beautiful, but deadly skies of Zephyr.


You are Zeus and you must kill the others

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