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Bournemouth University

2145 is a thirdperson multiplayer deathmatch mod with a unique art direction, with robots based in an apocalyptic setting with ancient oriental elements. It has four characters with one map and features include:

- Visually stunning characters and environment
- Fast-paced action gameplay with flying, melee and projectile attacks
- Special scoring system (The one who kills the top scorer gets all his frags)

2145 Trailer on YouTube:

This mod took our team of 4 10 weeks from concept to completion.

24 Hour Bloodline
Academy of Art University

One of the main selling points of 24 Hour Bloodline is it's mini games, one of which is demonstrated here. The players take on several roles in the game to solve mysteries, retrieve items, and rescue NPCs.

Featured here is the waterway mini game.

Media Design School

Affliction is a turn-based role playing game which feature cooperative and competitive multi-player game-play.

Affliction features both a campaign and death-match mode.

Affliction’s combat system is strategic in nature. Affliction keeps combat fast-paced by limiting the amount of time the player has to enter a key combination and activate a skill. More powerful skills have longer key combinations and are therefore more difficult to execute.

Improving your character and progressing through the storyline will appeal to many RPG game fans, and the combat system will appeal to fighting and action game audiences.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Aphelion is a real-time 3D space shooter in which the gravitational pull of the planets in a solar system will affect projectile trajectories. Up to eight players can drop into a solar system and fight for control of the universe over a local area network. Players can select from six different ships and use nine different weapons to attack their opponents, including homing mines, nukes, and missile formations. Causing destruction throughout the solar system will raise you chaos power and allow you to unleash a swarm of missiles for even more devastation. Players may also hone their skills in the singleplayer mode by testing their accuracy and speed in a variety of missions. Defend a space station from an onslaught of rogue aliens in Invasion mode. Try to shoot a missile through a series of rings in Skill Shot. Destroy as many targets as you can in Target Practice. And of course, fight against AI controlled players in a standard deathmatch. Aphelion gives players a realistic outer space...

Asteroid Space Danger Racing Xtreme!
International Academy of Design & Technology

Asteroid Space Danger Racing Xtreme! is an action arcade game set in space. The player leaps from asteroid to asteroid while killing enemy Slogs and collecting dark matter. If the dark matter isn't collected, the black hole gets bigger as the dark matter is sucked in, giving the player less room to move. Help Jack "Danger" Blasteroid become the greatest athlete in the Intergalactic Asteroid Space Racing Federation of Danger in the Delta Danger Sector.

Asylum: A Corpse, A Vote
HTBLA Leonding

The Neverwinter Nights 2-Mod "A Corpse, A Vote" is the second episode of the Asylum-trilogy. It takes place in several areas representing the shattered mind of your character.

Aube & Crépuscule

Aube & crépuscule is the prototype for a console-based real-Time Strategy Game. Based on the asian « Go » game, its main rules are simple and easy-to-learn. (or so we wanted them to be)
Two players face each other on a blank board. One stands for the bright side, and the other for the dark side. Both will try to gain influence on the board by placing their units (crystals and fungus) on it. The units then live their own lives, strenghtening their allies and weakening their foes on their own. But the only way for a player to gain new seeds, and to create new units, is to feed from his own grown units, thus weakening or destroying them. Quite a hard choice.
With a cool-paced action, A&C puts reflexion over action : think before you make your moves, since every single one can make you win - or loose.
As a prototype, the application comes with no tutorial, nor does it have any pre- or post-game interface, or network utilities of any kind. It is intended as a pre-production tool, or a P...

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

audiOdyssey is an experimental computer game designed to be accessible to both the visually impaired community and mainstream gamers. The user stars as Vinyl Scorcher, an up-and-coming DJ, on his quest to get club patrons dancing. Swinging the Nintendo Wii controller to the beat, Vinyl lays down the various component tracks of a song, and keeps the party jumping. If he does an especially good job, he can even freestyle! But beware - if dancers get too rowdy, they're likely to bump into the turntables, messing up Vinyl's tracks. Think you have what it takes?

audiOdyssey was developed with four research goals:
1. The visually-impaired and the sighted can enjoy the same level and quality of gameplay
2. Navigate game's menus with ease and efficiency approaching that of conventional UIs
3. Create a fun and natural control scheme using the Wiimote
4. An engaging game that relies more on high quality audio than visuals

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

B.L.I.P. is a platformer puzzle game which combines the style of classic platformers like Metroid or Mario, with a revolutionary new gameplay element: the ability to control gravity to defeat enemies and progress through levels. The player controls the robot Blip, and will be able to alter the direction of gravity so that objects will “fall” towards the left side of the screen, the right side, or even the top. This is the primary feature which our game is based upon. It will take not only reflexes, but wits as well, to complete levels, and the player will have to learn the tricks of mastering gravity to cope with the escalating difficulty throughout the course of the game. The player will never get bored of using Blip’s power to advance through the exciting and fast-paced collection of puzzles and enemies, with each new level introducing a new aspect to challenge the player.

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Backflow is a cross between a casual-style puzzle game, a city building sim, and a multiplayer strategy game for mobile phones. In the game you take control of the waste disposal infrastructure for a city. It's your job to make sure each type of waste goes to the right place.

By flipping switches on pipe intersection points you direct the flow of waste to processing facilities at the bottom of the screen. Send recyclables to the right bins and they'll be converted into resources that you can use to upgrade your system, but put things in the wrong place and you'll increase the pollution in your city. Keep pollution low and your city will grow, but if it gets out of control your citizens will leave in droves! As your city grows in population, waste comes out faster and more frequently, and upgrades become more and more important. Trade resources with other players to make sure you can keep upgrading.

Try and build the biggest city you can without getting buried in the garbage!

Beat Blast
Stony Brook University

Beat Blast is a music-based dynamic 'space shooter' intended for the casual gaming audience. It uses music selected by the user to dynamically alter the game by producing enemy patterns that are unique to each track. It also implements the concept of 'Flow in Games' introduced by Jenova Chen to account for the varying degrees of music that exist. Based on the performance of the player, the game automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game in real-time by leveling or de-leveling the player. Beat Blast was created using XNA and FMOD.

Blind - Welcome to Cecity
ISART Digital

"Blind - Welcome to CeCity" could have been a First Person Shooter but is more about exploration and understanding the environment where the player will evolve.
You will wake in a world without light which will react to the sound of your own voice and the sound of the entities living inside it. Sound is life.
And you have to bring this world back to life in order to escape from it. But beware of the entities, some will show you the way to the depleted Sound Sources that you will revive, but others will attack you and take your Breath away. Finally, you will meet the Sources' Guardians. For the better or the worse...

Vancouver Film School

"“Bloom” is an action/strategy full conversion Unreal 2004 mod experienced through the 3rd person perspective. While Vancouver is known for its lush environmental beauty, the world of “Bloom” is full of emptiness and decay. A ruthless conglomerate has used up the worlds natural resources and has left it a husk of its former glory. The player will become Amelia, a plucky 14 year old girl left alone to revive the world with plants of unimaginable power. Amelia must grow plants to re-oxygenate the environment, and protect them from the ravenous hunger of “Scavengers,” the de-evolved remnants of the human race. As Bloom is a game of beauty and life, Amelia will defend her plants, not kill her enemies; and revive the world, instead of conquer it.
She will enter a grey and lifeless world and leave it green and bursting with life.
Created by five students from the Vancouver Film School over the span of three months, “Bloom” represents a creative design turn from the normally viole...

University of Skövde

Boiler! A fast-paced, chaotic and action filled Real Time Strategy game for up to 8 players using only one computer!

There is a war in the age of steam. Nobody knows what started it, nobody believes it will end. The population has been divided into eight factions, with their own dim reasons to fight. There is blood in the Boiler…

Each player operates the game using the minimalistic control system of one button per player. With this button the player can put one of the 8 different units upon the battlefield, using morse code-like input.

Boiler’s challenge lies in reflexes and tactics, choosing the right unit at the right spot. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, but their goal is always the same; occupy the battlefield and take out the enemy units. After a round of 3 minutes, the player with the highest score wins. Score is gained by deploying units and destroying enemy units.

8 different units
Support for up to 8 players at the same machine
Co-op, Teamp...

The George Washington University

Welcome to Cardrop, a fast paced card game. The object of the game is simple: make poker hands and score points. A combination of match-3 style gameplay with poker hands makes Cardrop an addictive game for players of all ages. Also supports two player competitive action! (Best viewed in high definition)

Celestial Sphere
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Play as the Earth itself trapped in an impenetrable Celestial Sphere, out to reclaim the Sun. Roll your way around seven levels full of strange spatial puzzles, dynamic obstacles, and ever-changing gravity. Never assume you know which way is down.

Kyungwon Univ.

Cell-bot is a cell sized robot, made to remove virus effectively and cure infected cells.
Players must use the Cell-bot to excuse the virus and protect the infected cells after treatment.
Cell-bot has a simple interface only using the mouse. It¡¯s an action puzzle game constituted by
various and particular level.

Vancouver Film School

"Live the adventure as Chameleo, a pet shop chameleon who crashed in the jungles of Cuba. Help him find his friend and owner, the little Gina, by using his remarkable tongue to lick; stick and whip his way back home!


Wield the wicked power of the Chameleo’s sticky tongue. Use it to stick to objects and propel yourself into hard to reach areas and swing from branch to branch and to collect items and power-ups. When you collect the appropriate power-ups it can also become a weapon. But be careful licking an enemy without a power-up!

These special items are available to Chameleo to help him get through the jungle and defeat or avoid his enemies. Use them wisely and help Chameleo get back home!

Flame Tongue: using some of the Hot Soya Sauce that fell from the plane, Chameleo is able to use his tongue like a flame thrower that burns his enemies.

Invincibility Tongue: finding the Panda Milk crate energizes Chameleo with ability to...

Chickn 2go
Vancouver Film School

"Chickn 2go is the brand new chicken flavored mobile game where you, the starving player, get to enjoy all the goodnesses of North American fine cuisine, I named delicious fried chicken.

Through different mini-games, take the roles of our greasy Cluckie, the chicken mascot, cook and owner of the famous Cluckie's Chickn 2go restaurant.

At the end of each play, Cluckie dances in recognition of the player's effort.

Mixing Madness
A recipe pattern is displayed on a red column to the left and, based on Magic Squares, the player must move around 8 items in order to match the given recipe on any of the three columns. Press the corresponding column key number to drop the items and be rewarded.

Frying Frenzy
The player takes the role of Cluckie, our chicken mascot, and he or she must catch three falling items (oil, fire, chicken) and drop them in one of the two buckets displayed on the screen.

The Other Game
The player must feed the chickens in this Supersize Me chicken...

ChickPok Crash!
Ajou University

We have ried to make a racing game which differs from common car racing games with splendid impression of running on rails. Our game is an instant game giving easy fun to everyone with simple controls and direct interface, with network support making up to four players to enjoy together.

Chin Jam
Westwood College

Chin Chin is a space traveling Chinchilla. After his spaceship has been bombarded with space refuge, Chin Chin bailed out in has crash landed on a remote planet. Now separated from his spaceship, he needs to travel hostile terrain to find a way home. Navigate the space traveling Chinchilla to the safety of his ship while battling debris and hostile aliens.

Chivalry is Not Dead
University of British Columbia

Chivalry is Not Dead is a game. It is also a story. Not the kind that unfolds passively, but more like the bedtime stories you may have heard when you were younger, where you got to periodically interrupt and change the outcome.

Chivalry is Not Dead is a cartoon fairytale. It is also a social commentary of sorts. To be honest, it doesn't seem to very sure what it is. It does, however, try its best to be entertaining.

Chivalry is Not Dead is not an epic. Like a bedtime story, it'll be over in an evening, but also like a bedtime story, it won't always be the same every time you play it.

Chivalry is Not Dead stars a horribly disfigured creature named Phlegmwad (whose head is conveniently covered by a paper bag), employed as an assassin for the evil Lord Horrible. His first task is to kill the good Queen of Everything. Or is it the evil Queen of Everything, and the good Lord Horrible? What do good and evil mean, anyway? This, in the end, will be up to you to decide.

Chico State University

Chroma is an action-platform game set in a world where color is key. Each color gives you a different ability. Use your weapons not only to defeat enemies but to paint platforms to your advantage. Your character, Hugh (commander of color), must save the precious color palette from the evil Drew (master of drawing) by overcoming his traps and chromies.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Claustrosphere is a third-person 3-D action-arcade game where the player takes control of a ship to destroy hordes of enemies and rack up as many points as possible. In order to accomplish this objective, the player must collect power-ups to upgrade his weapons and deftly maneuver through the playfield while shooting enemies. Inspired by simple, addictive games such as Geometry Wars and Tetris, the massive amounts of graphical and sound effects combined with fast-paced and chaotic action will keep the player coming back for more.

Game Academy

Confusion is a story about a special rescue team member, who responds to super natural disasters taking place after the Third World War in the future. His purpose is not to kill enemies attacking him, but to cure and treat them alive, while resolving various problems he faced in the process. By using normal mapping, Confusion attempted to provide gamers with the most realistic graphics

Cosmic Armageddon
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Cosmic Armageddon is a 3D 3rd person shooter in which the player is pitted against hordes of enemies on the surface of a distant planet. Players must utilize a variety of weapons ranging from the “Homing Missiles” to the “Piercing Laser”. Cosmic Armageddon has an amazing arcade feel, and will keep you entertained for hours.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Crash is an abstract roaming 360 degree shooter set on a hostile alien planet. It was developed over a period of four weeks by 2 WPI students.

Players can independently move and shoot in any direction, fight several types of enemies with different behaviors, hack into terminals to gain points, and wander forever in a randomly generated world.

The player has crash landed on a hostile alien planet. Far from the ship and low on supplies, the player must fight off hostile creatures and hack into terminals in order to survive long enough to find a way to escape.

Crayon Caper Rescue
DigiPen Institute of Technology

In Crayon Caper Rescue, you the player navigate through different locales as the son of the King of Crayons. You solve puzzles as well as jump on platforms to save the imprisoned Bebos (baby crayons) scattered throughout each level. You must also avoid the evil enemy Sharpo markers and their evil cohorts. You will also be able to use your innovative ability to draw your own platforms to help you along your quest. Before the adventure is over you will be able use multiple Power-Ups to stop the enemies in their tracks as well as solve certain environmental puzzles.

Key Features:
-Simple to pick up, but hard to master game-play that is entertaining for all ages
- Level specific power-ups that creates enhanced gameplay
-Puzzle elements combined with platforming allows for challenging, but fun gameplay
-A fun Single Player Adventure and Simple, but fun competitive Multiplayer Mode
-Cast of colorful characters
-An innovative new way to play by drawing to combat enemies and solve pu...

Crayon Physics Deluxe
Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a 2D physics puzzle game, in which you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. Solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics.

Cube Soccer
Korea Polytechnic University

Cube Soccer is casual-sports-game with others. It is similar to soccer game, but it is different rule. Soccer field, stadium, is the inner field of closed box. Player is able to run and shoot on the field. Also, Player is able to change the field. Change the field is moving wall in box anywhere. You can locate the same field and the other field with other Player. And You can play new tactics.
- Playtime : 5 min.
- Character : Random Selection
of 3 Characters
- Stadium : Player Selection
of 2 Stadiums

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

A tank battle is waging in a desert somewhere, and you are a lone plane trying to change the tide of the battle. Stop the enemy bombing runs and incoming convoys. (Ok, there’s only one bomber and one convoy). Don’t forget about your friendly tanks. They’re depending on you. You are the Dace.

Death by Design
Ohio University

Death by Design is the story of a robotic telemarketer. An army of robot telemarketers, to be precise, who must re-create a series of incredibly bizarre murders in order to become invulnerable to the perils that lie ahead of them.

By manipulating both the robot subject and various pieces of the environment with their keyboard and mouse, players will need to figure out how to kill their telemarketers in the most creative, bizarre, and hilarious ways possible. Part puzzle, part platformer, all insane, Death by Design challenges players to use open minds to find all of the possible deaths in every level.

There are three deaths in each of the game's two worlds, each one requiring a completely different method of approach by the player. Each successful death rewards the player with a genuine case file that explains just what it was they did, and how it relates to a previous world-domination effort by the nefarious Doctor Destructo!

Deathball 2013
Full Sail Real World Education

Deathball 2013 is the story of a not so distant future where sentient foosball tables have taken control and now battle each other for supremacy. As the captain of an up and coming Deathball 2013 team you must fight for your life and honor and destroy every foosball player that gets in your way.

Carnegie Mellon University

Dreamscape is a fresh take on a classic genre, the 2D fighter, set in a restless world of imagination created by the collective dreaming of every living thing on earth. The King Dreamer of this world is going into retirement, so a new king must be found! Play as the King Dreamer, Shaktool Fremont, and his would be successors – a collection of characters including squid ladies, school girls, and a foetus controlled robot (?!).

Even with unique visuals, customizable the move options, or a memorable soundtrack, Dreamscape can’t be played alone! So find a friend and DREAM ON.

Gotland University

DrinkS is a bartender simulator for Nintendo DS. As a bartender you make cocktails in order to get tip so you can learn more cocktails in order to get job at the fancier bars and nightclubs. You start out at a simple biker bar and you can only serve beer.
Every new cocktail you learn is stored in a digital drink book. This make the game useful for the gamer when they don´t play. It is perfect when the bartender doesn´t know how to make your favorite cocktail, or just want to show your friends your excellent skills in drink making. Every step in the game is operated whit the stylus and touch screen. The learning curve is smooth and makes the game appeal to casual gamers.

Dust To Glory
Westwood College

It is time for spring cleaning. As a tiny ball of dust your very existence is being threatened! You must escape the perils of cleanliness and navigate swiftly through a cluttered house. Overcome huge obstacles of spilled Lego® blocks, a dead cockroach carcass, and the voracious vacuum boss. You have only a limited amount of time to reach your goal of dust security that exists in Dustopia snuggled safely under the living room sofa.

Earthquake Terror: After Shock
Parker Elementary School

Earthquake Terror: After Shock is the student-created sequel Peg Kehret's "Earthquake Terror".

Taken place immediately after the events in Earthquake Terror, players must guide Jonathan through the perils of Magpie Island in order to find his partially paralyzed sister Abby.

Earthquake Terror: After Shock was created by Mr. Alvarado's 5th Grade Class as part of a Technology Initiative in Reading and Writing Literacy.

University of Illinois:Urbana-Champaign

Sick of being taken for granted, Physics equations formally holding the universe together are rebeling and have erased all of the color! Take control of Einstein and solutionate them for the sake of the known universe.

University of Colorado

Electropy is a side scrolling action arcade title with a fundamental gameplay twist. Rather than directly moving your character, the idea is to grapple on to floating polygons in order to swing your way to the goal. The game features a wide selection of power-ups such as gravity change, invincibility, and flight thrusters to diversify gameplay. The title also includes over 120 levels of varying difficulty as well as the same fully functional editor we used to make all the levels in the game. Players are ranked via online scores that are uploaded through the game and can download replays of any submitted score.

Empyreal Nocturne
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Empyreal Nocturne is a third-person aerial action game in which you combat enormous flying monsters by commanding a legion of birds. The monsters are comprised of connected orbs, which are fiercely defended by birds of its own. All of a monster’s weak points must be destroyed in order for it to be defeated. You play as a god bird with the power to convert birds to your flock, and then command them to attack, defend, or sacrifice themselves for you.

Esenthel (student version)
Politechnika Wroc³awska

Esenthel is an action based 3d rpg game, built on our own engine with full number of extra features like newest graphic effects, physics system and unique combination of fighting and completing quests.

Full Sail Real World Education

Excanto is a multi-player real-time strategy game that focuses on combat as opposed to resource gathering and base building. The player assumes the role of an Overlord who has the ability to summon creatures. The player will use the Overlord and summoned creatures to seek and destroy the enemy Overlord. The last Overlord standing wins.

Vancouver Film School

"Fallen is a first and third person hybrid action game about demonic possession in a dark, mystical world. In Fallen, you play the role of Vestai, a priestess who is sacrificed by members of her own order, to bind her soul to the Angel patriarch presiding over the city - Jin’so. By doing this they awaken an ancient being - Azrael, residing within Vestai’s soul, a powerful demon that was betrayed by Jin’so and his brethren. Inside your mind, Azrael will communicate with you directly, informing you of the back story, direction and teaching you how to use his abilities.

Fallen employs a first person shooter style spell-casting system when playing as Vestai coupled with the ability to transform into Azrael in 3rd person. Spell-casting allows you to summon fireballs, drain the life of your enemies, rain down meteors or even turn statues into life. Playing as Azrael on the other hand, grants you a powerful melee attack, larger size and the will to manipulate the time stream – ...

Far Light

Far Light is a single player space adventure set in distant Far Light star system.

The player assumes the roll of space ship pilot who finds them self on the main planet of Sphera. With a multitude of ships to choose from, the player will discover that zero-g free flight isn't as easy as it looks, and it looks very cool. Far Light is a completely new 3D engine and boasts a wide artistic variety. The main game play element is to destroy as many asteroids orbiting the star as possible, earn money, buy a better ship, and do it all over again. The player can pick up extra work planet -side, delivering goods from station to station, and they can explore the mysteries of Far Light, from the moon outpost of Scion to the gargantuan Warp Gate on the out rim of the Far Light system.

Far Light is an entirely independent game, create by students, and contains entirely original concept and design.

Fate by Numbers
Communication and Multimedia Design

Fate by Numbers’ is filmed against a green screen and features 3d pre-rendered backdrops. The FMV-adventure includes over an hour of HD-video with professional actors accompanied by a soundtrack written for the game.

Private eye Alice Sanger is assigned to get a briefcase, but quickly finds herself immersed in a web of corruption and shadowy motives. It becomes personal when she finds out that one of mysterious people behind the briefcase is none other than her ex-husband whom was declared dead several years ago. What follows is a mysterious journey through the layers of a future metropolis with 50’s noir influences.

FLAT Tryals
IIT Madras

The FLAT Motor company is scouting for test drivers. Are you the one they're going to pick? Do you have it in you to guide their test car around a twisting semi-suburban track?

Featuring 3D graphics using OpenGL and a hand-crafted test track. Try to stand amongst the top five drivers within the three laps allotted to you.

National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment

You have just escaped from a mental institution. You’re on the run. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. You are jumping happily from cloud to cloud. You know that the only way to freedom is by reaching the ship at the end of the level. A cute bunny is jumping towards you, blocking your path. By the push of a button the whole world flips around and shows its dark side. The bunny is now an evil nurse who is trying to stop you from getting away. You headbutt her, clearing your path. With a push of the button the world flips back and shows its light side again.

“Play FLIPSIDE and see the world through the eyes of a madman.”

FLIPSIDE is a platform game that allows you to experience the world from two sides. Pick a side!

Game Academy

- Color-mixture puzzle game
- 2D side-scrolling puzzle game
- Educational game using 10 colors
- Develop children's logical thinking and cognitive ability by adding puzzle elements

Vancouver Film School


Remember as a kid, playing with those pill toys that grow into a foam-sponge creature after being soaked in water?

Ever wish they could grow to 30 feet tall and destroy everything?

Well, now they can!

Play as Foamzilla, the ultimate toy. Your ability to absorb water causes you to grow from a pint-sized reptile to a building-smashing-megalithic monster. It's not all about being tall; use your size to your advantage.
The underside of a building may look like the perfect place for a tiny Foamzilla to escape and find even greater amounts of water!

The military has taken note of the soggy-thunderous mess, and has equipped it's soldiers with giant blow dryers to shrink you back down in size.
Absorb as much water as possible and take down the military, before they put an end to your insatiable thirst for water.

Frantic Elevator
University of Illinois:Urbana-Champaign

In Frantic Elevator you and a friend must race against the clock to deliver the people in the office building (known as clients) to their desired floors as fast as possible. You receive tips from the clients when you drop them off, but the amount they pay will decrease the longer they are kept waiting. Hindering your progress are disasters (it's a very fragile building) such as Floods, Fires, and a "mystery disaster" that you may uncover later into the game. When a disaster occurs on a floor, you cannot drop clients off on that floor until the disaster is cleared. To end a disaster, you must drop off its respective "hero" such as a fireman (for fires) or a janitor (for floods). As the game progresses, the difficulty increases in two ways--clients appear more often and the building gets taller. The game lasts until you lose. You can then enter your score (in the form of money earned) into the high score list and join the ranks of champions...

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