2005 IGF Student Showcase Entrants
000 - Tomorrow is never yesterday College of interactive arts
Secret Agent "Double 0 Zero" stumbles on the mission of alife time at a downtown game college in Vancouver. He must free both students and teachers who are under mind control of an unsuspected villain.
Air Hare University of Michigan
Air Hare is a 2D action/platform game. It expands on the 2D platform genre by allowing the character fly without abandoning the traditional running and jumping platform game controls. The player assumes control of an inter-planetary hero called Air Hare who must rid a solar system of an evil, corrupting force called the Negatricity.
AmazonGuard Pontíficia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
AmazonGuard is a game of action with graphical representation 2D. Developed to operate on mobile devices that support technology J2ME and the standard MIDP 2.0. The player pilots an airplane of war with the mission to defend the your country airspace of invaders.
Arachne Georgia Tech
Arachne is a jigsaw puzzle game in which the pieces are woven. Pieces are long, thin rectangles which can overlap, like in a tapestry. Players can turn their own pictures into puzzles, so you never run out of boards.
Auroral Snare The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
This is a story-based multiplayer online game that has different missions for player to group together in order to complete the missions. A new game play mode with a innovated world and region. All are created by a team of 4 students with flash story and graphic.
Bane Iowa State University
Bane is a top-down 2D shooter. Its primary game mode features deathmatch-style play. Its gameplay is fast and frenetic, while keeping the basic play elements simple and satisying.
Barren: Wasteland Memories Digipen Institute of Technology
Barren: Wasteland Memories is a unique and wildly amusing adventure similar to classics such as Zelda II: Link's Awakening and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. Barren stays true to the simple form of these games, making it appealing to both young and old alike.
BattleLaX Rochester Institute of Technology
BattleLaX is a turbo-charged lacrosse game that utilizes a custom game engine to thrust players into a one-of-a-kind 3D arena where the rules are left at the door. Users take control of a team of 6 lacrosse players and use their team to score goals and eliminate the opposition--by any means necessary.
Beneath Art Institute Of Portland
'Beneath' pits the player against waves of giant insects as they seek to destroy her presence in their lair. Fighting to survive, the player must use dynamic architectural elements to create pathways for her and barriers to her enemies while trying to destroy the insect nests!
Big Chest Battle ISART Digital
Big Chest Battle is a 3d arcade game. The battle evolves between 2 or 4 players, these last ones throw some chest on their(s) opponent(s) (the other player) to recover different items.
Casual Online : Dom Korea Animation High School
An online arcade game played by maximum of 4 players. The main object of the game is to survive till the end by claiming and destroying the opponent's domino blocks with the power gained from eating mushrooms on the map.
Children of the Sun DESS in Videogames and Interactive Medias
"Children of the Sun" is a 3D platform/adventure game for Sony PSP, based upon the animated series “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”. Travel to the 16th century... Join Esteban and his friends in the Andes, following the path of the setting sun, in the search for the mysterious cities of gold!
Club Busta Buena Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Young Artists At Work
In Club Busta Buena players dance in a club to try and get people’s phone numbers. Players must drink water to keep from collapsing from dehydration. The game features 5 rooms and 15 original characters designed, modeled, textured, and animated by the teen artists, created with 3D Studio MAX and programmed in Shockwave.
Crimson Legend Digipen Institute of Technology
Crimson Legend is a fast-paced, two-player only, 2D fighter featuring cool dark characters with outrageous powers and speed that encourages aggressive gameplay. Fights run in interactive levels filled with tricks and traps. To top it off, a revolutionary 2D Skeletal Animation System produces smooth animation and top-notch collision.
Crystalline Cauldron University of Advancing Technology
Crystalline Cauldron is a real-time, action-intensive card game. Players summon monsters from cards to help defeat their opponent.
DarkSphere Edmonds Community College
DarkSphere is a space shoot-em up, in which you take control of Nicky the Space Weasel to rid of world of evil pirates. Armed with your versatile power suit, ninja-like abilities, and a big plasma gun. You bring game dynamics to new heights of fun and adventure.
Dstny Georgia Institute of Technology
Dstny is a short story traditional RPG for the Gameboy Advance, with many elements found in the best 1990s era SNES Square/Enix releases. Unlike classical RPGs, when two people connect their Gameboy Advances together it becomes a cooperative multiplayer RPG that maintains a classical feel and playstyle.
Dxestructbor'Vhaydos: Dhurwrk's Thrust to Justice Full Sail
Dhurwrk’s Thrust to Justice is an action-packed rail-shooter adventure. By controlling a squad of four flying crafts, each with unique weapons and attributes, the players (up to 4 in multiplayer mode) will have to battle an army comprised of the Dyan and the Awezdikk-Q-Yllhloss: the spawn of the evil entity Hrhobust’bvoar.
Dyadin University of Southern California
Dyadin is a two player collaborative action puzzle game meant to be played on two computers. Each player controls a character that exists in their own world that is infused with elements of their partner’s world. These unique environments pit players against a multitude of enemies, traps and puzzles.
Eleminer eric socolofsky
You are an Eleminer, one of a select, fearless, and somewhat stupid few who pilot collector pods through the turbulent depths of element-rich asteroid fields. Use quick reflexes and your disrupter beam to protect your ship, and TraktorPaks to protect your increasingly vulnerable cargo from flying rock.
Empyrean Iowa State University
Empyrean is a multiplayer, story-based sidescroller focused on cooperation and interaction between small groups of players. Modern 3D graphics hardware renders a mystical setting and lifelike characters.
Ensign Expendable Texas A&M University
Ensign Expendable is an arcade-style 2D shooter where you must fight against an onslaught of self-replicating pod beasts. Hand drawn art and cell shading give this game a cartoony look, and a fluid simulation running on the GPU is used to render highly accurate rocket smoke trails, explosions, etc.
Fates Forgiven Full Sail
The fates forgiven concept takes place in a medieval/fantasy setting. The unique blending of role playing and capture the flag elements gives birth to a genre that promotes fast paced game play, character advancement, and team oriented tactics.
FruitMania - Fun Forever Gazi University
There are 9 different modes. Track down matching images to clear the screen before it fills up or shoot fruits at the puzzle to match up fruits or defend yourself in defend mode or use falling blocks to put up a wall or play more and more different modes for fun FOREVER.
Galactic Gladiator University of Waterloo
Galactic Gladiator is a fast-paced, top-down, scrolling, space shooter inspired by several timeless classics. Beyond improved graphics, music, sound, etc., modern technology allows the inclusion of new game-play mechanics that add strategy, tactical skill, and generally more depth to the genre.
Gate 88 University of Toronto
Gate 88 is a multiplayer action-RTS hybrid with the focus on action. It is inspired by games like Herzog Zwei, Star Control, Homeworld, Subspace, and the artwork/style of Kenta Cho (of ABA Games).
Glace University of Advancing Technology
Glace is a high-energy adventure game designed to be fun for all ages. Collect gems and magical items, help new friends, and battle enemies across 12 levels in four distinct environments. Enjoy an action packed and colorful world, complete with an excellent soundtrack and a lively cast of characters.
Glyph Georgia Institute of Technology
Glyph is a multiplayer FPS where players are immersed in a 3D fantasy environment combining the adrenaline-induced elements of FPS game play and the tactical and strategic components of a more traditional role playing game.
Gnosticosm Full Sail Real World Education
Gnosticosm is an epic space trading adventure, with an emphasis on arcade-style action. Join up with the Imperial Navy and assist them in their galactic war against the mysterious DaiTenshi; Sign up with the Trade Guild and make your living as a trader, or even become a pirate!
Golden Honor The University of Kansas
Golden Honor is an arcade-style shoot’em up game that entails 3D features using 2D graphics. The game features a unique interface allowing players to purchase equipment, weapons, and ships.
Grail Gameacademy(Korea)
Combination of rhythm action and turn-type RPG. Users can combat by inputting the command with rhythm rather than a simple combat. The player can improve their actual combat skills not only by combating at a higher level, but also by practicing rhythm actions.
HoverCrash 3000 Digipen Institute of Technology
Duke it out with your rivals in hovercraft warfare. HoverCrash 3000 is a top-down 2D intense action game that delivers satisfying, fast pace game play. With an arsenal of guns, rockets, mines and more attached to your fully customizable cruiser, you will be unstoppable.
IMPED! Savannah College of Art and Design
In Imped! your role is that of a wizard who commands a squad of six Imps in strategic combat against a rival wizard’s imps. Players can upgrade their units and create combinations of skills as they battle for control of the Rubies of Rule at the heart of the gameboard.
Insanity Full Sail
Assume the role of the world's most lethal assassin as he fights for his life in the Windy City. Based on Richard Celenza's independent film, Insanity takes the player on a bizzare odyssey through the streets of Chicago and beyond.
Intergalactic Shopping Maniacs Game Academy
Intergalactic shopaholics gather on a grand opening day of a shopping mall 3 light years away from earth to race and achieve for the title of ‘Shopping Master’ and freebies. ISM is a fast paced 3d action game(in first-person view) where you become a alien shopper and race against other shoppers in a mall.
Intrepid Alief Taylor High School
The UFT has lost contact with the New Haven Colony and the versatile Intrepid Tank is sent in to investigate. Unlock the secrets of the Colony, the motives of its eccentric multi-billionaire sponsor Johan Anarkum, and discover the fate of the colonists in this third-person action platformer for the PC.
Jacinthe's Swashbuckling Seafood Art Institute of Phoenix
Hungry pirates await their comestibles, and it's Chef Jacinthe's duty to feed them! Help haul in the catch by lumping together sea creatures for dinner. Nine colourful critters line your net in the beautiful 3D animated kitchen. Be careful though—if it fills up it's back to swabbing the deck!
Jack of All Trades York University
Become a trader, bounty hunter, or even a pirate in Jack of All Trades. Join the rebellion or fly solo while trying to earn enough cash to survive. Visit the shipyard, then outfit your new ship with weapons and other enhancements. Guaranteed fun!
Kartastrophe DigiPen Institute of Technology
Kartastrophe is a fast-paced 3D cart racer with a lighthearted, cartoony feel appealing to gamers of all ages. A driver takes control of one cart, while his gunner keeps the others at bay as they race around a track. Toss oil and fuses at the other carts to spin them out, while making tight turns and avoiding stray projectiles, to ensure victory at the finish line.
Koma Project Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Koma Project is a third person shooter game that allows the player to control a girl fighting against his own world. The game is a remake of the classic "Space Harrier" and features a real-time music sequencer that syncs the events in the game world with the game music.
La piedra de Anamara La Metro
La piedra de Anamara (The stone of Anamara) is a free online graphic adventure in wich you'll have to deal with supernatural forces to solve the mistery of a murdered girl in a Psychiatric Assylum for Childs. The game is in spanish.
LandFill 70 Hong Kong Polytechnic School
This memory collection game tries to recall the collective memory about the childhood life in Hong Kong in the 1970s. Players are free to travel around the 3D desolate land by controlling an old-fashioned character, Match-Box, in order to “collect the precious memory” in those 2D web-like scenes including family, snacks and playground, with an aspiration of getting the final realistic “Collective Memory” video.
Lower Education Georgia Institute of Technology
Lower Education is a small-scale single player strategy game downloadable via a server. The premise is simply to dig into the earth below campus and find as much gold and artifacts as you can. During the excavation, the player will find themselves fending off ghosts to maintain sanity.
Magnet chaging Korea Animation High School
A thrilling arcade game which easily shows children the importance of nature and what magnetism is.
Mansion in the Attic The Guildhall at SMU
Step into the plastic boots of your favorite action figure, and blast your way through the harrowing confines of a haunted dollhouse, the Mansion in the Attic!
Marshmallow Duel II Georgia Institute of Technology
A fast-paced multiplayer melee for up to four players. Battle your opponents on a randomly generated arena, but try not to fall into the Marshmallow Pit of Death in the process! Featuring four unique characters, three levels, and eight powerups, Marshmallow Duel provides nearly limitless replayability!
Microorganik LISAA(L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués)
The human race is in danger, an unknown and vivid disease, is killing children all around the world. All hope know depends on the experiments of professor Schmitts, who seems to have created alpha-612: a super white blood cell that can adjusted itself to counter the viruses it meets. You are this white blood cell, you have a limited amount of time to save the child in which you have been injected. It is a multigameplay arcade game who take place in a microscopic size
Mutton Mayhem Grinnell College
Have you ever wanted to herd sheep? Kill sheep? Or raise the rotting corpses of dead sheep? Choose your method of madness to score points and win the favor of sheep the world over, in Mutton Mayhem!
N2 Georgia Institute of Technology
New school arcade shooter, 360 degree action using high tech 3D graphics. Play with or against up to 3 friends! Dual-analog controllers are needed for the 2-4 player experience, but are not necessary for single player.
Neo Dangoon mythology Korea Animation High School
Do you know about the origin of human beings? We invite you to the acienct Korean world with diverse characters to show this origin
Ninjas Vs Ninjas Texas A&M University
Ninjas Vs Ninjas is a fast paced multiplayer action game where you fight against other ninjas to build towers and smite your opponents. You can switch between 3 phases while playing, which determines who can see you, and how you see others.
Oog's Island Full Sail
Oog's Island is a 3D platformer centered around Oog the caveman. You, the player, must help Oog find some bananas by guiding him through the jungle. Or, play the multiplayer game Oog Smash with your friends to prove who is the cavemaniest of the cavemen.
Outer-Rim Pod Digger Garibaldi Secondary School
Outer-Rim Pod Digger is a hybrid puzzle/strategy game which pits you (The almightly Pod Digger) against all odds as you rescue the poor Bubblemen from the lifepods deep within the martian soil. During the course of the game you will explore and excavate many sites over 4 different game worlds. To do this you will be equiped with the latest in planet mining technologies including ultra-steel girders and energy lifts. You must build, dig and blow out pathways so we can evacuate the helpless Bubblemen.
Overclocked! Full Sail Real World Education
After destroying the planet, the humans left Earth. The robots they left behind fixed the broken world and brought it back to life. Set in a post-post-apocalyptic Earth, "Overclocked!" pits a ragtag team of robots against the evil humans and their android minions bent on taking back the planet.
Plunder: A Tale of Conquest Full Sail
Wage all out war in the Caribbean with other scurvy pirates in Plunder: A Tale of Conquest! Hire deadly swashbucklers, musket-wielding pirates, and other scallywags to help you. Even take to the high seas with different pirate ships. The last pirate still alive wins!
PrismaWing Georgia Institute of Technology
PrismaWing is an action-packed combination of a puzzle game and a space shooter. The object of the game is to target 3 or more ships of the same color to detonate them. You can use wild ships to connect different colors.
Prototype-B University of California, Davis
A 3d remake of PrototypeB, a top-down shooter.
Quintessence The Guildhall at SMU
Quintessence takes classic puzzle game mechanics and wraps it around a unique circular board. Match up the primary shapes or use the Quintessence piece to try to clear the board. Six different game modes provide a challenge suited to everyone.
Retro River Raid Universidade Federal de Viçosa
This game is a 3D remake of the original Atari 2600 River Raid programmed by Carol Shawn, wich is one of the greatest Atari 2600 games ever.
Rhino Iowa State University
You are a space station maintenance worker assigned the task of asteroid duty. Maneuver your ship “the Rhino” in frictionless zero gravity, clearing floating debris and intercepting incoming asteroid storms before they damage the vulnerable station. It lacks a certain glory usually attributed to astronauts, but hey, it’s a living.
Rock Station DigiPen Institute of Technology
Rock Station is a rock-and-roll themed 3rd person 3-D space shooter for Windows. It includes story, fast action, and 2-8 player LAN modes. Players annihilate each other with combos and special moves in interstellar dogfights with rock and roll powered “Instruments” to determine who is the greatest space rocker.
Ruin Gameacademy(South Korea)
A game putting tiles suitable for a specific character and moving the character to a specified target place. Each character possesses one of 4 traits of water, fire, wind and soil. Four tile types of water, fire, wind and soil come out randomly to the users. The characters can only move the tiles that conform to each character’s trait The characters can only move indirectly; therefore, the player has to make ways to the target place by considering the co relationship of each tile.
S.P.H.E.R.E. DigiPen Institute of Technology
S.P.H.E.R.E. is an action-strategy third-person shooter where player controls a sphere trapped in a labyrinth, forced to fight to the death with other spheres. Who survives will be determined by the one who uses the available weapons and traps to their fullest extent. in this kill-or-be-killed contest.
Scavenger Hunt DigiPen Institute of Technology
Scavenger Hunt is a three-dimensional arcade-style game where players race to collect items from a list before their opponents do. Players use gags on each other and go trick or treating for a personal power-up or a global power-down. The first player to collect all of his or her items wins the scavenger hunt!
School Tycoon Korea Animation High School
This game is made for users who have been, or are attending school right this moment. It is a school management simulation game which the users can design their ideal schools in. The users take the highest position in school, hire teachers, accept students, control and manage the students' academic grade by listening to their opinions and do several other things to gain fame and wealth of the school. Have you ever had your dream school in mind but never had it come true? Would you like to try if you had the chance? If your answer is yes, this school management simulation game is for you.
Shepherd of Dreams Texas A&M University
Shepherd of Dreams is an arcade-style third person shooter where you herd a flock of good dreams through the dream world while protecting them from hungry bad dreams. The dream world environment is rendered using spherical harmonic soft lighting for realistic sub-surface scattering effects.
SLC SteamPunk Georgia Tech
SLC SteamPunk is an action-adventure game in the style of Legend of Zelda. It consists of randomly generated sub-levels and focuses on item collection, puzzle solving, and killing boat loads of weird and humorous enemies. All of this is done in hopes of saving your beloved sheep :).
Soccer Ref. The Multimedia Innovation Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Soccer Ref. is a 3D PC game which allows the player to be the lord of the soccer match. As a referee in this surreal soccer world, the player has to deal with the temptation of all the corruptions, the emotional crowds as well as the hysteric soccer players.
Somnialis Arts et Technologies de l'Image, Université Paris VIII
Some atrocious murders, all targeted on a couple of person linked by a strong relationship (twin sisters, lovers), have been committed in South Kensington, London. You, Ethan Ashley, are in charge of this difficult case. Clues are seldom, time is running out, the pressure is so high that your dreams became a part on the investigation... So the game begins
Spin Cycle San Jose State University
Spin Cycle is an exciting new puzzle game that’s easy to play, but hard to master. It takes elements that make a traditional 2D puzzle game fun and addictive and enhances the look with beautiful 3D graphics. Spin Cycle provides two unique modes: spin mode and cycle mode.
Squirrel Squabble University of Nevada, Reno
So... You're a squirrel. You've just woken up from your winter hibernation and you're starving, Reaching for your nuts; you're suddenly knocked unconscious by an evil gang of squirrels who've stolen your cache. Now outwit your opponents in a series of action-puzzles to reclaim your spoils. It's time to squabble!
Star Light Runner Suncoast Community Highschool
Star Light Runner is an innovative top down space arcade game where you play as a ship and collect all objectives in the level before the time expires. The atmosphere is fast and challenging to the player and rewards them after each level with the ability to upgrade.
Stars and Stripes Texas A&M University
A new twist on the racing genre, you race a ball along a road made of glass, only, this road forms in front of you as you race. This keeps everyone fairly close, making attacks much more useful. Staying in the front gets you stars, five stars wins the race.
Subway Showdown! Gameacademy
Iris is a game that deals with a variety of competitions and matches set in subways. Iris is a game about the vicissitude actions of 4 bad boys, who are riding on subways. Through a differentiated approach to an everyday space of subways, the game uses two simple, but probable deviant behaviors; that is, deviation from the existing concept of space and from fixed ideas. By applying bizarre codes, the game focuses on expressing witty and clever situations and lines, as well as exaggerating and comic reactions, etc. The external shape is the style of comics and simple SD character, and this helps lapsing into the stories, coupled with various colors and individual traits.
Super Pillow Fighter Full Sail
The first ever pillow fighting game! Attack the other players with pillows, ice cream, and beach balls to knock them off the board and score points. Up to four players can battle it out.
Synergy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Synergy is a cooperative top down action game in which two players with totally different interfaces control a single character. One player navigates the character and controls aiming and attacking with spells.The other player is in charge of defending the character and uses an arrow foot pad to cast spells, change modes, and dodge attacks.
Tamarack Boise State University
Tamarack brings back the traditions of classic roleplaying while still allowing hacking and slashing. It has elements of exploration and revenge, along with an engaging story line. Unique to Tamarack is the fact that the storyline will progress on its own in the absents of direct interaction by the hero.
Tank Lords Texas A&M University
This game is a fun tank shoot 'em up game. You are a lone green tank against the red tanks that never stop coming! Fight your way to the highest score by killing as many as you can.
Team Robot Georgia Tech
Assemble your Robotrain from a team of nine different bots, and help your Caboose Bot navigate through 30 puzzling levels!
The Breakup Conversation Northwestern University
It's a parody of a breakup conversation, where you break up with a simulated girlfriend/boyfriend over IM. The game knows the standard maneuvers used in breakup situations, and will try to influence you by laying blame and guilt. The implementation uses a novel AI technology for conversational NPCs.
the Hammer DVTG (Design for Virtual Theatre and Games)
Get ready for an action-packed 3D webgame! You control the fearless hitman "the Hammer" and your mission is to take out "Big Boss" and all his henchmen, collecting as much cash as possible along the way.
The Saga of Ina University of Skövde
The game is a pre-rendered side-scrolling adventure game in which you control the little girl Ina. Ina is best friends with the troll Bohr. The basic idea of the game is focused around the difference of characters and their unlikely friendship. Ina can perform nimble tasks and enter small spaces whereas Bohr can defend her from monsters.
The Slacker University of Texas at San Antonio
You know that life is about slacking off and it's those that get by while having a great time that get rewarded. If you can make it to Chairman of the Board then you can slack off forever. To win you must slack off as much as possible while getting promoted.
The Underground Complex Cosumnes River College
Infiltrate an underground manufacturing facility and uncover the dirty secrets of a networking hardware company in this stealth action RPG.
Toybox University of Oklahoma
This is a playground, not a single game. Many different building blocks can be combined to result in a variety of 3D gametypes.
Troublemakers Full Sail
The new Pleasantry police chief has swayed parents into believing that there need to be more rules and less fun in Pleasantry. Now, kids are being grounded and fun has all but vanished. Follow young Yong on his mission to free his friends, reclaim the fun that's been taken away from them and egg a few houses along the way.
Turtle Tiles: The Wizard Trials Rochester Institute of Technology
Turtle Tiles: The Wizard Trials is a multiuser, isometric puzzle game for 1-4 players. Cast your spells on turtles with brightly-colored shells to form scoring combinations, block your opponent from scoring, and become the Dark Wizard's apprentice!
Varbora Outbreak Ohio State University
You play as a scientist onboard an orbiting science vessel that collides with an abandoned research vessel. Experimental species from both ships are free and agressive, and you must figure out how to stop the outbreak before both ships are taken over.
Velox Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Velox is a multiplayer network game of high-speed jet chases. Players pilot their vehicles trying to be the first to perform any task as determined by a game mode. It is highly mod-able and anyone can script a new game mode, make a new jet craft or construct new maps.
War, Siege & Conquest: Battle for Gaia Royal Institute of Technology
War, Siege & Concuest is a real-time strategy game that is played over weeks rather than minutes or hours. As many as 50 players battle eachother with armies, allies and threats - all in a single world and all at the same time. Who will be the ruler when the dust settles? It's time for the Battle for Gaia...
Wings of Megaira Rochester Institute of Technology
Wings of Megaira is a classic arcade-style top-down shooter following in the footsteps of landmark titles like “Raiden” and “Ikaruga”. Players must destroy hordes of aggressive enemies, while strengthening their artillery using earned battle experience and a novel enemy combo system



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