Student Entrant 2014

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen Team Neat Snake


Flickers is an abstract, atmospheric, timing-based 2D platformer following the journey of the player
from the heart of a dying flower through a world blanketed in perpetual twilight. Jump between hovering
sparks called "flickers" as you make your way through painterly environments to reach the moon and transform the world around you. Through a combination of sights, sounds, and gameplay, Flickers aims to create an emotional arc without telling a conventional story.

Keith Tallon - Lead Producer: Game Object Editor, Level Design, Testing
Jason Ericson - Lead Creative Director: Game Logic, Game Design, Sound Design and Direction
Robert Marchesani - Lead Tech Director: Architecture, Graphics, Special Effects
Beth Morrell - Lead Art Director: Concept Art, Production, Direction
Adam Kenney - Artist: Environment Art, UI
Katelyn Simon - Environment Artist
Paul Kranich - Game Designer: Level Design