2013 Student Competition Entrants

by Sebastian Trelles

.heartbeats is an experimental game focusing on interactive narrative and dynamic music in order to evoke feelings from its players.

It tells the story of four people in four different moments in life: a teenager facing depression, a young man regretting his actions, an adult woman looking back on her life choices and a young girl enjoying life. The player is responsible for making choices and leading them to one path or another.

by Denver Coulson

App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/warp-tunnel/id525921212?ls=1&mt=8
Fly through the immersive, ambient universe of Warp Tunnel. Flow through the colorful kaleidoscopic tunnel collecting power ups and increasing your score in a beautifully serene environment.

Players can use the standard tilt function or use gyroscopic gameplay and immerse their entire body in the visual vortex. Warp Tunnel reacts to every twist and turn for a fun and rewarding game experience like no other! Players will have to think fast and react quickly to survive this technicolor tunnel.

Warp Tunnel features the tranquil tracks of the indie hit, Dustforce, by Lifeformed. Lose yourself in the fast paced, visually stimulating world of Warp Tunnel!

by Miciosegone Games

This game was created in collaboration with an Italian association and is part of a project for schools to teach children the importance of respect for animals.

In this adventure the player controls Orazio, a big friendly cat who, with the help of his friends, must find a way to stop an evil multinational corporation from knocking down the cattery to build a motorway. All in the course of one night, during which Orazio will have to get up to all sorts of tricks to find a solution to the problem.

The interface is in the classic "Sierra style", with the pop-up inventory in the middle of the screen and the icon bar with the basic interaction: talk, interact and look on the top.

by Project A.M.I/DADIU

"I will go through HELL to get my son back!"
A Mother's Inferno is an artistic interpretation of the loss of a child. When your son is taken you are plunged into a mothers hell. A Mother's Inferno is set on a train entering a hellish world of fire and neon abstraction. Based on the five stages of grief, the train carts depict the different stages that the mother is going through in the struggle to save her son. Starting in a seemingly normal train car, A Mother's Inferno will take the player through a variety of gradually more unexpected and disturbing scenarios.

by MIT Game Lab

A Slower Speed of Light is a first-person game in which players navigate a 3D space while picking up orbs that reduce the speed of light in increments. A custom-built, open-source relativistic graphics engine allows the speed of light in the game to approach the player's own maximum walking speed. Visual effects of special relativity gradually become apparent to the player, increasing the challenge of gameplay. These effects, rendered in realtime to vertex accuracy, include the Doppler effect (red- and blue-shifting of visible light, and the shifting of infrared and ultraviolet light into the visible spectrum); the searchlight effect (increased brightness in the direction of travel); time dilation (differences in the perceived passage of time from the player and the outside world); Lorentz transformation (warping of space at near-light speeds); and the runtime effect (the ability to see objects as they were in the past, due to the travel time of light). Players can choose to share their mastery and experience of the game through Twitter. A Slower Speed of Light combines accessible gameplay and a fantasy setting with theoretical and computational physics research to deliver an engaging and pedagogically rich experience.

by Sick Sheep - Södertörns Högskola

A Story About My Uncle is an adventure first-person platformer that focus on a swinging-mechanic to traverse the vast caves where the search for Uncle Fred takes place. The gameplay is fluent, fast-paced and invigorating and lets casual as well as hardcore gamers feel mastery along the way.

by Michael Fraser, Charles Gariepy, Daniel Rainville, Simon Rousseau, Cathy Tremblay

A.D.D. is a action packed side scroller inspired by the difficulties of the old japanese arcade games. The player controls A.D.D. a weapon of mass destruction that escapes the mysterious forest lab that he was created in. Destroying everything in his path, of course.

by Gaming Imperatrix

Have you ever played Jinga? Agon and Alea: Illusion is a little like that. Only instead of playing with an unsteady block tower, you're playing with Augmented Reality on an iPad. Agon and Alea: Illusion puts you and your family members in the role of well-meaning helpers who are trying to assist a clueless miniature hero collect some magical orbs before he- or you- accidentally break the illusion that keeps him bound to this world.

Agon and Alea: Illusion is a game about cooperation, strategy, problem solving, communication, and catastrophes. Will you be the one holding the iPad, or trying to push around the character? Maybe you'll be in the background offering advice? Or manipulating the portals?

Whatever your role, try not to break the Illusion!

by floo
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Ancient Escape is platformer game that will bring the player into amazing ancient environment.
In this game, the player need to avoid all obstacles along the way of doing the main objective. The main objective is we need to get all of the gems spread around each level. You need to get all of the gems in order to open the door leading the player to the next level. Awesome background sound will also brings up some unique harmony you would not experience in other games.

- You Only Live Once:
In this game the player only have one chance to escape but surely you will have unlimited number of tries.

- Using Stage3d Technology
You will able to experience the variety of particles, especially the magnificent fire.

- More than 28 challenging levels
In total there will be 30 levels in this game, so be ready to escape!

- Great Backsound
The player will surely experiencing some ancient atmosphere because of this aspect.

Have Fun!

by AR Doctor

An Augmented Reality Mobile Serous Game Can Save People's Life.

This game applied augmented reality verified technology with 3-dimentional imaging technology to led users more clearly in multiple-angle teaching than traditional movie teaching, ensuring the teaching get more multi-function.The advantage of this game is user can easy to read and review the CPR skill because of the mobility instrument function.This augmented reality serious game is based on the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, we said ( CPR) training game, it was conducted to a mobile communication interface and was divided by 2 parts. The first part is learning system; users can get the answer from who are doing the CPR skill is correct practice or not, moreover, users can check the compressed rate through camera that aimed to the CPR picture by doing the CPR practice The special innovation in this game is applied 3-dimentional imaging technology.

by Analgesic Productions

Anodyne is an adventure game where you explore and fight your way through nature, urban, and abstract influenced landscapes and dungeons set in the dream world of the human Young, in order to uncover the roots of the manifestation of Young's dreams.

Anodyne explores the combination of 16-bit artistic and musical aesthetics with gameplay influenced by games such as Link's Awakening and Yume Nikki.

Anodyne is created by Sean Hogan (@seagaia2) (code, music) and Jon Kittaka (@jonathankittaka) (art, writing). Anodyne is aiming for an early January 2013 release for Windows, Mac, and Linux distros that can run Adobe AIR 2.6, via Desura, GamersGate and hopefully a few more.


Inspired by a longing for the sciences in an 'artists' environment and some old-fashioned science fiction, Aphotica is a game about space, balance and saving all of time and space.
The Universe is in it's last moments before the fate of all is sealed by the "Big Freeze"; the hypothetical point when the Universe is spread so thinly that the temperature is below that which can sustain any life. In a final desperate attempt, a mission is put forth to try and pull the universe back together again by destroying the very "Dark Matter" that is tearing it apart. Taking control of a "Gravity Well" and a "Black Hole Generator", the goal is to use the tools at your disposal to counteract and ultimately cancel out the discrepancies before the end.

by Josich
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Apollo Quest is a classic LunarLander with a touch of minesearcher. The levels are randomly generated and have a 8 bits style Actually is an homenage to spacial missions.

by 4am Designs

Journey from the lush forests of your homeland to the dark fiery depths of the ancient ruins located near an active volcano. In your travels you attempt to discover the secret formula to the mysterious Elixir of Life. The recipe has been broken into six pieces and scattered throughout the land. Only by collecting all six parts can you discover the way to cheat death.

Help our hero, Al, to discover the secret formula to the Elixir of Life. Lost to the ages from a time when powerful alchemists ruled the land. Al seeks to rediscover the ancient recipe and use it to escape death.

Join him as he battles crazed Hedge-Hogs, gigantic Iron Golems, and fierce Rock Swarms that will not rest until they stop Al's quest. The world presents no less a threat as it is filled out countless challenges.

Harness the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightning inside a potion bottle to overcome your enemies. Or take a drink of Wish or High Jump to empower yourself with their secret attributes.

by Polyform

Apparatus is a 2.5d platformer based around a character made up of individual wooden
cubes. Gameplay revolves around the ability to break apart and reform at will in order to
traverse and interact with the environment.
The Wooden Body Cubes revolve around a central glowing 'core-cube' and their state is
dependent on what the 'core-cube' is doing at any given time.
The apparatus comes to life in an old mansion once owned by an old eccentric inventor,
who in his later years of life for whatever reason decided to abandon his invention based
pursuits and refurbish his mansion in an antique style.

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Aquario is PC game that makes use of the eye-tracker to control a colony of micro-organisms.

The goal of the game is to consume enough bacteria to expand your colony and eventually evolve.
Aquario is best experienced with the EyeGaze but can also be played with a mouse(not as fun and accurate as the EyeGaze).

The colony of micro-organisms move towards the position of the monitor you look at(with your eyes).

by Petronic Arts
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Arcis mixes the tower-defense and arcade genres and takes it all to a new level. For the first time you will have the chance to not only build towers and design a defense system, but actively fight enemies as well. Taking control of the central tower, power goes into your hands. Can you fight off the enemy hordes in this innovative mix of tower-defense and arcade style?

by Overseer Development
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For David Wayne it was even tougher than that. Living in a small town, rumors and gossip travel fast. It's not long before news of the mysterious boy that showed up in their town triggers David's intuition, which leads him to set upon a path that no cowboy or bandit had ever thought to set foot on.

Arrival: From the Unknown is a third person sci-fi action rpg shooter. You take on the role of David Wayne, the local bartender, as he embarks on a dangerous journey to find answers to not only the rumors in the town, but answers to some of his childhood questions. The path to those answers leads David to encounter creatures from another world and forces him to battle for his and the earth's survival.

by Team T.A.T.U
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Asterion is a short interactive work which is freely inspired by one of Borgès' short stories called "The House of Asterion".

The purpose is to use elements of the videoludic grammar, such as a combat system of hand-to-hand fight, as well as sound and visual experiments in order to make the player live the death throes of the Minotaur.

Logically, the camera is in first person and the vision and the point of listening of the player correspond to those of the avatar.

The system of control gets closer to classic First Person Shooter. The player can move with his keyboard and give some blows with the mouse button activating the narrator's hand.

by DigiPen Team Awesome Moon Bunny
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Astrobunny is a space-themed 2D puzzle action adventure game. Help Astrobunny go home by guiding the spaceship to perform orbital jumps. Beware of space hazards!

by Gameloop

The evil Dr.Xor has hooked up Atebit to a memory machine which leads him through a series of nightmares (The game). In them, Atebit has to surmount many obstacles, evade traps, and collect treasures along the way. If he is successful, Atebit can come out of his nightmares, save the world and unite with his lady love. Else, Dr.Xor can capture Atebit's memory, and use this knowledge for his evil deeds.

Programming and Graphics : Shravan Rajinikanth, Suguna PIP School
Sound and Testing : Ashwin Balaji, Suguna RIP School

by Sassybot Studio / Team Cupcake
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ATUM is a game that pulls the player into a world where the player is the mechanic. It brings a novelty take on the point-and-click gameplay of previous generations and it combines it with 'platformer puzzles. The game plays with the concept of multi-layer gameplay, dipping its layers in mathematical loops and philosophical recurrences.

The design and the aesthetics are influenced by sci-fi classics like Blade Runner and Martian Time Slip by Philip K. Dick. There are many in-game references to our sources of inspiration that complement the underlying storyline, using the environment as a narrative device.
ATUM is currently being developed at NHTV IGAD, Breda, The Netherlands as part of the University's Gamelab.

"You Are Here, reads the legend on that map. Which one is you?
Does it matter? Your finger is a pointer on a screen."
—Gene Van Troyer

by Team Triple A
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In Austin's Awesome Adventure Austin awakes in a hotel room as his kid sister, Amy, frantically pounds on the door to wake him up. His worst fear is coming true: he is alone in the dark. Austin must explore the room to find a way out, but once he does his kid sister spooks him by telling Austin the truth of the hotel: it's haunted by evil ghosts, skeletons, and trolls. Austin must find his parents in the lobby of the hotel before he pees his pants in fear, but before he can do that he needs to explore the dark crevasses to discover weapons such as a box to shield away ghosts, a NERF gun to shoot evil skeletons, and even a teddy bear grenade! Austin's Awesome Adventure is a light-hearted game that can be enjoyed by any gamer who has ever been afraid of the dark or by gamers who simply enjoy old-school gaming at its finest.

by Fallstreak Studio

Axle is a gear built to fix clockwork toys, but his dreams of adventure come true when he is swept up in a journey that will land him right in the middle of machines bigger and badder than he could ever imagine. With unique rolling and magnetizing game mechanics, and a rich steampunk world, Axle is sure to be a mobile platformer game you can't put down!

by Team 1UP : GAME DIRECTOR: William Jakob Reynish GAME DESIGNER: Jonas Byrresen LEVEL DESIGNER: Thomas Thomsen LEAD PROGRAMMER: Henrik Ossipoff Hansen PROGRAMMERS: Dion Christensen, Daniel Collado, Adam Rene Gregersen, Anders Hesselager, Lasse Juul-Jensen,
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Bob the sleepwalker has a habit of always falling asleep in hazardous places.
Luckily for Bob, his subconscious protector, Subob, is always ready to save him. Now the challenge for Subob is to guide Bob to safety, across rooftops, avoiding falls, and around dangerous creatures from the nightmares of Bob.

by Nuclear Wombat

In Nuclear Wombat's hat-based train-puzzler Badass Locomotive you build train-tracks through a beautiful patchwork-world and collect hats and colors to customize ("pimp", if you will) your train.

- 20 levels!
- 12 colors!
- 5 hats. Do other train-games have hats? I think not!
- 72 unique trains possible

by Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
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Experience the thrill of making life and death battle decisions in a chaotic tower defense shooter on the back of a giant moving tortoise. Battle Fortress Tortoise (BFT) is a 3rd Person Shooter in which the player takes on the role of the Commander of a Clan aboard a large tortoise.

The game exists on a colossal scale not only in size but also in numbers, where little people must defend themselves in a world of giants. Each battle conveys a feeling of controlled chaos, the sound of each cannons fire, the yelling of your crew and the drum of the hyenas, explosions and body's flying.

by Take It Easy
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This side scrolling game is developed on Android tablets, and the game's design concept is based upon China's famous painting "Along the river during Qingming Festival" and adopting it into this poetic adventure story.
The game's background story revolves around the interaction between protagonist's mission and the paintings of "Along of River during Qingming Festival", the game mechanism includes the player's reflex ability and the protagonist's fluid movements. The game has a total of 4 levels and level design were based upon the said paintings.
Along the progress of the game, the protagonist will face obstacles and challenges which makes this game exciting. The core feature and content of this game is heavily focused on the configuration of the obstacles and the corresponding basis of the Qingming Festival Paintings.

by Blackpipe
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The year is 1890. The fog lays heavy around the Blackwell Women's asylum. A scream penetrates the silence… Your scream! It's cold. A warden is holding you down; you kick him, but no use. The doctor bends down, smiling. He injects a shot in your neck. Everything goes hazy! Someone calls for the doctor… sound waves ripple before your eyes. The warden lets go of your arms and leaves. No more of this… you force yourself up, stumble towards the door… There's only one thing to do; get out!

Stone cold fear washes over you on this nerve-racking escape from the Blackwell's Island Women's asylum. Your heart pounds feverishly from the sedatives forced upon you, your sight fails from exhaustion. As a young woman under narcotic effects, there's no other options but hiding and sneaking past the wardens patrolling this daunting place. Have you got the nerve to live through this humane horror?

by Wasted Talent

Blastrobots is an isometric, robot-slaying, modern homage to old-school arcade games. Blastrobots features multiple weapons, unique enemies, and an innovative revive system. Blast your way through hordes of enemies by yourself or enter the fray with up to three other people in same-screen multiplayer action. Combine weapons to unleash devastating combo-shots, assist your friends when they go down in battle, and battle across a space station teeming with enemies.

In Blastrobots, players control junky, misguided robots as they create havoc in a clean, utopian space station. Rampage through a beautiful city, battle waves of enemies while zooming down a freeway, and survive an epic boss battle, while trying to achieve a high score!

by DigiPen Team Alien
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BLINK is a 2D puzzle Platformer where the main mechanic is teleporting. You play as a cute little alien solving puzzles. You don't just avoid enemies or kill them but you actually use them to solve puzzles for to progress.

by Team Bliss

What if you climb a mountain your entire life just to find yourself alone at the top with a view over all the mistakes you made along the way?

Bliss is a puzzle platformer that requires timing, precision and remembering patterns.
The game is about a man who deals with the troubles of life in an abstract and philosophical way. The story is told through the environment and narration.

Bliss will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux early 2013.

If you like it, please vote for it on Greenlight :)

by 2 Sheep 1 Wheat
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Blockhead is a 3D puzzle game in a world of blocks where a block-headed hero must manipulate and experiment with environmental pieces to overcome obstacles and reach his goal. With the unique block picking mechanics, players will experience the world in several perspectives to solve immersive puzzles. Blockhead is deceptively easy to pick up, yet amazingly difficult to master. Be astonished by how the simple mechanics can have such profound effects on the environment.

by Machines in Motion
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Borealis is a new take on the classic twin-stick shooter. The player cannot shoot enemies directly, so the only way to survive is to guide the missiles into each-other, and learn the dozens of patterns they can follow. The less the player moves, the more the score increases, so subtly guiding the world around you is the key.
The game is composed of eleven environments, each of which has a unique style and set of missiles, as well as its own sound profile. These environments range from a battle over a pristine countryside to the floor of a sterile lab. All of this is done to a procedurally-generated soundtrack that is directly based on events from the game.

by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

In a frigid snowy wasteland in another world, lives a unique creature, the bosnobo. Faced with the icy cold and dangerous predators, they must learn how to survive. Thanks to their unique intelligence, they are capable of learning skills and behaviors from one another. You are tasked with guiding their learning and directing their behaviors to help them survive against all odds.

In Bosnobo: Primate Change, your bosnobos are thinking agents capable of learning from each other. Learning can be a random process, or forced by assigning a bosnobo as a teacher. By controlling the learning of your bosnobos and the priority in which they perform behaviors, all sorts of interesting outcomes could emerge, allowing for a wide variety of player strategies.

by 3People
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Brave, the last turtle, is a 3D platform game where the player takes on the role of Brave. The player has to protect the turtle race from extinction by exploring the island where he lives. In order to achieve this goal, the player has to get all the eggs back and save the newborn turtle from the claws of wicked Slade, the phoenix seagull, and his gang of evil animals.

by Funky Monkey

Mr Rock is the spirit of the Earth. He watches over the world in balance.
But his power is coveted by minerals avide power.
Help the spirit of the Earth to repel the attackers using the ability to make turn the world!

Bubble Rock is a puzzle game halfway between Tetris and Bubble Shooter.
Make sets of three bubbles of same color to destroy them and up y score.
But be careful! Don't let overwhelm by the enemy!
Unlock bonuses by to funky that you can collect money part.

Blow up the high scores, share your achievements online and figures on the top of world rankings.

-A judicious combination between Tetris and Bubble Shooter.
-Tribute to 8-bit musics and sounds.
-10 levels of speed.
-Various bonuses to enhance your gaming experience
-A unique gaming experience
-Fun graphics.
-Be careful! addictive game!

by Jiiga Studio
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In the city of Vivens, every 100 years, there's a strange phenomenon in which the city is invaded by evil creatures. They want the darkness in the world, and therefore they want to destroy the electricity...

Mikhail is a citizen who is left to defend his home, but he's not alone: in front of him appears a friendly creature, Ayu, the 'Defender of the Light ", who needs to be feed with it. Together, they'll fight to restore the peace in the city of Vivens...

by Anteater Games
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Camera Obscura is a 2D puzzle platformer whose main goal was to marry level design and game mechanics as closely as possible. By making it so that the player's main ability takes shape directly from their environment, we made it so that every level is its own solution, the level design is the lock and the key, the question and the answer, all at the same time. The player has everything they need to solve every puzzle at all times, relying solely on their ability to think about how the spaces they're in, on, and around can be used to form different things.

We believe that game design is a constant cycle of teaching and testing, and much like skateboards and bicycles don't themselves become more complex as one gains skill, merely the things one does with them, the "Afterimage" ability in Camera Obscura behaves the same way through the entire game. The main challenge and change is how the player is forced to work with that ability and how they deal with increasingly strict demands of accuracy and timing with them. IT is our hope that gamers will find in Camera Obscura a mechanic that is simple to grasp, difficult to master, and rewarding in its execution in skilled hands.

by Helium Interactive
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Cape Chronicles is a 1-4 player fantasy platformer where heroes battle beastly minions using elemental powers of fire, electricity, ice and more to carve through perilous 2.5D interactive castles. Cape Chronicles is a hybrid of classic platform gaming with modern gameplay concepts. Bravely risk all unaided or encounter new adventures through multiplayer co-op.

You are a knight who can harness the power of the elements to aid in conquering the challenges placed in your way. You can dynamically swap powers to engage and defeat quirky enemies, solve challenging puzzles, and seek artifacts to amplify your elemental powers. There are 7 different elemental powers that you will be able to use. They will be Fire, Ice, Electric, Water, Rock, Nature, and Wind.

by Piotr Mikowski

"The goofy men had allowed too much. They didn´t watch their back as darkness were pursuing all light. The shining geometry in the caves beholds the last light. But the darkness knows that somebody will try to get it back. The darkness had a solution ... The Cavemen"

by Wireframe Games

Chef Bereft is a family-friendly 2D sidescroller with plenty of quirk. In it, you play as an amoeba-squishing, spoon-flinging cook out to SAVE THE UNIVERSE (Ok, maybe just the world, but you gotta start small, right?). Dash your way through Moon Metropolises and Lunar Landscapes, dodging lasers and shooting aliens in this tough-as-spoons platformer.

Controller enabled.

NOTE: The artwork you see is placeholder programmer artwork from a few years ago. I haven't finalized the art direction for the game yet, but will soon.

by Squish Labs
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We wanted to make a Facebook game that breaks down all the social elements of social gaming to its basic components, and just focus on that - clicking on stuff. We also want to have fun along the way by making fun of the ways social gaming exploits players and see how players take to that.

Everything is clear: clicking, inventory, achievements, leaderboards, collecting mechanics - everything social gaming makes you want to keep playing for more of. Except now you're doing it to squish chickens!!

by Fabulam Games

This is a demo prototype of our game, Chromatose. Chromatose is a top-down action-puzzle game using Asteroids / Star Control controls. It takes place in the world of Colour, where a dark Tint has begun to corrupt the land and its inhabitants. You, the avatar of the corrupted people's subconscious, must repair the land using your ability to absorb colour.

Bring colour to tinted areas to repair them and pass to the next level. Absorbing colour will make you immune to enemies / harmful ingredients of the same colour. Influence NPCs (the inhabitants of the colour world) by approaching them with a different colour than their own. The world of colour needs you! Fight the Tint!

by Wakka5
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Chrono Disfunglement is a 3D puzzle platformer in which you play a mysterious protagonist who has been lost in time. With the power to control time and to rewind objects, she must navigate her way through devious mechanisms of the strange dimension while avoiding the menacing time-consumer and escape the world before it's too late to save herself.

by Alone team
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The game "Cloud-and-Boy" involved in human intelligence, puzzle, and integration designing. It demonstrates the crucial issue of CO2 made by human over-exploited the Earth resulted ecology been unbalanced. Besides, it presented the future man who is seeking a kind, justice, and brave boy to save our Earth.

To start the game, you are the little boy, using the game props to put the STONE in the factory chimney for stop exhausting

by Team Day 1 DLC
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The groundhog's shadow is tormenting Ducktown by keeping it in eternal winter. To make things worse, your ducklings are missing! You as the mother duck must gather your flock to fight your way into the the groundhogs shadow lair and defeat him to return spring to your town and bring happiness. Like cutesy ducklings? Like abusing those aforementioned ducklings for your own personal gain? Then Clusterduck is the game for you!

by Agustin Trenchi, Fanny Campagnie, Michael Meltchenko, Youssef Semache, Viro Nhek.
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Continuum is a 3rd person adventure game where you must move through the environment and interact with various objects in the scene to advance the plot. This game tells the story of a mountain rescuer receiving an SOS call coming from a stranger at the peaks of a snowy mountain, and embarks on an adventure to save this stranger. This expedition will take him to a mysterious temple where time seems to behave differently.
The player will need to solve challenges in order to progress, and a series of deja vu's will appear upon the completion of each of these challenges, gradually revealing the rescuer's fate.

by DigiPen Cardinal Element
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Continuum Passage is a First-Person Action Exploration game set in a wrapping world. The player has to navigate each level while using the wrapping world to his or her advantage. Be careful though! If you're not quick enough, the world will just wrap away.

by Team Contrivance

You are S.A.M. one of the first Self Assimilaing Mechanoids, made as a helping hand for mechanics. You have been a help for many and many years, but after a while you became outdated. Once completely outdated you got dumped in a recycling facory and stripped of your still useable parts. Now thanks to a small mistake and a lot of luck you get rebooted and you can move around again. It's your responsibility to help S.A.M. find his way out of the recycling factory and find still useable parts he needs to overcome a lot of challenges.