Student Entrant 2014

Zurich University of the Arts
Robin Bornschein, Gian Jenal, Markus Rosse, Philomena Schwab, Beat Kunz


* general description
Elarooh is an adventure game on iPhone/iPad with lush, hand-drawn backgrounds.
A hidden path in the woods leads the player to the entrance of the magical forest Elarooh. A captivating story about a mysterious incident concerning the forests inhabitants begins. By solving challenging puzzles, minigames and riddles, the player slowly unfolds the secret and approaches the story's core.

* content and artistic aspirations
Adventure games are a lacking genre on mobile devices, although their gameplay fits this medium perfectly.
Elarooh's visual style is a mix between hand-drawn watercolor scenes and digital media. With this unconventional aesthetics we try to loosen up the monotonous look in the iOS store.
The beautifully arranged music track changes dynamically according to the players actions and the progress of the story.
Our story is about prejudices and how to maintain harmony in a fragile system.

* goal of the games
In order to solve the mystery of Elarooh, the player explores the deep forest, meets its inhabitants and solves puzzles.
Along the way different achievements can be unlocked (finding hidden marbles, collect butterflies, ...). Players can compare their progress and compete via Gamecenter.

* control scheme & gameplay
The control scheme consists of simple touch and drag controls and a clear user interface.
Various minigames challenge the players motor and logical skills.

* target audience
We target adventure fans and casual gamers alike. The game can be played from a very young age on up to old age. It's suited for families, where parents and children can play and enjoy the game together. We don't intend to target a specific gender.

* development milestones
Elarooh will have 30 unique scenes which each can be visited by night and day. You'll obtain exciting powers like making plants grow, talking to animals or control elements like water or wind. Meet many spirits and animals. You will be challenged by different minigames. Additional soundtracks will accentuate the present scenes.

* promotion & distribution strategy
The game will be distributed over Apples App Store for iPhone and iPad. It will receive special coverage in the press because it's a niche product. Simultaneously there will be a developers journal with making-of material. Other digidingo games will ingame promote this game which will reach an already existing, huge fanbase.