Student Entrant 2014

Zurich University of the Arts
Robin Bornschein, Fabienne Osterwalder, Philomena Schwab, Oliver Kalbermatter


A Virus has invaded your system! It's up to clumsy, little antivirus Digibug to hunt it down! This won't be an easy task though - can you puzzle your way through over 130 mind-bending levels and guide Digibug safely through all the deadly hazards?

Shiftable floor pieces, bullet-firing turrets, crumbly floor tiles, dissectors, rotators - everything can be used to your advantage - or potentially lead to an early demise.

Digibug is an hommage to the puzzle genre and tries to bridge the gap between casual and experienced players by providing an easy start, a smooth learning curve and, at the same time, lots of brain-twisting levels for the hardcore players. It's a work of love, with over 130 hand-crafted levels, each introducing or building on some unique twist or idea in the mechanics, each challenging you to look at it at a different angle.

Idea, Game Design, Programming: Robin Bornschein
Art & Animation: Fabienne Osterwalder, Philomena Schwab
Soundtrack: Oliver Kalbermatter
Additional Music: DeceasedSuperiorTechnician.