Student Entrant 2014

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen Team Quadriga


This game is an adventure platformer with needs for dexterity, strategy, concentration and speed. This game consists of marbles traversing a maze. In one player mode, the player must dodge enemies and enemy fires, avoid pitfalls, spikes, saws and other dangerous items. In two player mode, the players race each other through a maze. In the event of a tie, the player that collected more coins wins. By virtue of this game as frustratingly addictive, the player may find that they die and are taken back to a checkpoint in such case. Because of this frustration, we allow unlimited lives, but don't let that deter your addiction. The ending of the obstacle course in the maze will satisfy you.

Sugu Lee: Framework Creator, Lead Developer, Graphics & Animation
Oscar Monge: Debugging Tools, AI Developer, UI Developer
Devang Patel: Producer, Engine Programmer, Level Creator
Bhanu Prakash: Level Creator, Graphics & Animation, Game Designer
Abhijeet Reddy: Physics Programmer, Engine Programmer, Level Designer

Special thanks to:
Hanna Sayre: Textures
Mony Sine: Music